A List of 16th Birthday Wishes & Messages

An incredibly ambitious age is the age of 16, when one’s ego is coming apart at the seams and one’s views on life are radically different from those of one’s parents. At this age, it is pointless to educate a teenager by wishing him to take an example from his parents or relatives – he will not appreciate it. Rather, it is important to mention that this is the age when a person becomes an adult. The age when one is forced to make independent decisions and take responsibility for his words and actions. In just one year, school will be over, and life will open the doors to adulthood for yesterday’s students.

Fun and Funny 16th Birthday Wishes

  • Congratulations, today you are 16 years old, but without alcohol and smoking but with wings in your back, fire in your eyes and passion in your soul. Fly towards your dream, live your drive and awesomeness, be unique and extraordinary personality, lead the whole crowd, believe in yourself and your success. I wish you good luck, so the bird of happiness never leaves you.
  • Congratulations on your 16th happy birth! May incredible success and incredible luck fall on your head, may your life be an unstoppable stream of happiness and bliss, may there be lots of money in your pockets, and may your style be awesome and cool.

Fun and Funny 16th Birthday Wishes

  • Happy 16th birthday to you! Birthday. Wishing you dizzying happiness and success, great opportunities and ideas, good vibes and an incredibly cool life in general. Let the young years be happy and crazy, let the music play in your head and the melody of love in your heart!
  • Happy 16th birthday to you. Birthday. I wish you cool adventures, funny jokes, dissolute courage and good mood with a full program on 16+. In short, let you always be unrealistically cool and crazy happy!
  •  Happy Birthday. I say so – 16 years – the time of love and beauty, drive and coolness, maximalism and success. So I wish you to always remain a mega-active, cheerful, open-minded person who always has everything “awesome”. And to all this I wish you an unreal happiness and continuous bliss of your reality.
  • I congratulate you on your 16th birthday and wish you to be always in a good mood, in the subject of life and in the right industry, I wish you loyal friends and cheerful girlfriends, funny ideas and cool actions, good luck in life, respect and esteem.
  • All the best for your 16th birthday. I wish you a wonderful life, like a strawberry in the cream, free, like a fish in the pond, beautiful, like a coconut on the palm tree, funny, like a dolphin in the sea, happy, like a good character in the fairy tale.
  • Happy birthday to you. May your 16th be sweet. I wish you pep, pep and a super mood in life. May your heel never get bored, may your hands never get bored either, may your being always be on the up and up.
  • I congratulate you on your 16th birthday and wish you on this day a funny courage to live and a cool mood, cool ideas and fleeting visions, loving eyes and a fidgety butt, great happiness and luck from Asia to Europe.

Sweet 16 Birthday Wishes For Girl

  • Happy Birthday, beautiful! On your 16th birthday I wish you to fully enjoy your youth, get a lot of positive impressions and enjoy life as much as possible! I wish you beauty, kindness, tenderness, love, adventures, great mood, good friends, support and understanding. Let your wishes come true! Happy birthday!

Happy 16th Birthday Messages for a Special Girl

  • Happy Birthday! Today you turn 16, which is a really exciting and special date. There are many new, fascinating and exciting things ahead of you. I wish you true love, pure and bright, loyal friends for life and interesting discoveries. Blossom like a spring flower, flourish and blossom, be a kind and compassionate girl, and let your angel take care of you!
  • Happy 16th birthday! I wish you great prospects, incredible happiness, strength and courage in conquering peaks and exploring paths. May every turn in life be a wonderful gift for you. May joy fill your soul and faithful friends always be near you.
  • On your 16th birthday, Princess, I wish you great opportunities in life to become a real queen in the future. Let the boys admire you, let the girls take you as an example in everything, let everything always be wonderful for you. I give you my 16 wishes: love, health, sense of style, elegance, charm, courage, harmony, dreaminess, inventiveness, talent in various directions, success, inspiration, belief in miracles, sincerity, sophistication and blooming beauty.
  • Happy 16th birthday girl! Congratulations on your 16th birthday! I wish you to go through life courageously and confidently, to be cheerful, inquisitive and diligent. I also wish you mutual love, happiness and good health!
  • Happy sweet sixteen birthday girl! May nothing overshadow your smile, and life open the best sides to you. Happy birthday!
  • Happy sweet sixteen, girl! I wish you to choose bright and juicy colors for your smile, for your ideas and for your life. May beauty be around you and in you, may all the good in this world be for you and for you.
  • With a beautiful time of dreams and love, I congratulate a wonderful girl, happy 16th birthday. I wish you fabulous events in life, extraordinary miracles, I wish you sincere and loyal friends, I wish you mutual love and eternal happiness, unearthly beauty and the greatest happiness.
  • Happy sixteen birthday to the sweetest birthday girl! You turn 16 today, so let your life start an eternal streak of happiness, good luck, happiness, love and success. I wish you good mood, determination for your dreams and happy atmosphere of life.

Sweet 16 Birthday Wishes For Girl

  • Happy 16th Birthday to a special young lady! Wishing you delightful events and unforgettable experiences! Always be purposeful and cheerful! Let the playful mood be always with you! Light up our world with your radiant smile!
  • Happy Birthday to my sweet 16 young girl. I wish to always remain such a unique and great girl. Let the sun light your way with its bright rays. Health, joy, happiness, love and flights of fancy for you!
  • Happy 16th birthday to the young birthday girl! We wish you not to be afraid of trying and making mistakes, to be carried away and move forward, to be confident and determined, to be serious and perfect, to be enthusiastic and successful in all your undertakings.
  • Happy Sweet 16th birthday dear. I wish you sweet dreams and great aspirations, successful conquest of heights and good luck, irresistible beauty and self-confidence, great happiness and splendor, joyful feelings and good friends.
  • Happy Birthday to the girl who is turning 16 today. I wish you to become a style icon. I wish you to become a stunningly beautiful and tirelessly successful woman. May your dreams come true, may your happiness lead you to happiness all the time. I wish you sweet moments of falling in love and pleasant meetings with your friends.
  • Happy sweet 16, sweetie! I want to dream and believe in miracles, be responsible, open, simple and humble!
  • I know you’re going to rock age 16! I wish a tailwind of happiness in life, happy waves of life, the surf of love, the rain of prosperity and the rainbow of emotions. May there be only nice gifts and surprises, reliable friends, may whims be fulfilled in a moment.

Birthday wishes for a 16-year-old boy

  • For your 16th birthday, I wish you to remain the same happy and wonderful guy. I wish you to find your calling, to be strong in spirit and strong in body. Strive to achieve more and better. Health for you, reliable friends, confidence in yourself, good mood and millions of opportunities! Today is your day, have fun!

Funny Birthday Wishes for 16 Year Old Boy

  • Happy sixteenth birthday to you! Live happy and interesting, have only loyal friends, be confident, achieve your goals and know that all dreams are possible if you want something very much and strive for it!
  • How many beautiful, interesting and unexplored things are still ahead of you! Happy 16th birthday, with the blossoming of your youth! I wish you health and energy, great hopes and plans and their implementation, positivity and success. May your future be the brightest and most beautiful.
  • Congratulations on turning 16! I wish you to become a strong, proud, confident guy – a guy with great ambitions and aspirations. May happiness be on your heels, may every day give you love, success and the flight after your dreams. I wish you to always have the freedom of choice and an incredible reserve of strength to achieve your goal.
  • You turn sixteen today, you have grown up a bit, happy birthday! May you have everything to dream about: loyal friends, loving relatives, interesting trips, good health and exciting adventures! Good luck to you in all circumstances!
  • Happy birthday, young man! Years go by and you are already 16 years old! Try not to grow up too fast, enjoy your youth and enjoy life! May every moment of this year bring you closer to the realization of your dreams. And may these dreams make your life happy and prosperous. Happy sixteenth birthday!
  • Happy 16th birthday to a brave and bold, handsome and intelligent young man. I wish you to be always confident and determined, persevering and prudent, with a firm character and a kind heart, with good humor and a healthy well-being.

Funny Birthday Wishes for 16 Year Old Boy

  • You turn 16 years old today! The mischievous young man has become a friendly, smart and handsome guy. May everything in your life go well and work out. May your soul be filled with happiness, joyful events and love. Happy birthday!
  • Best wishes on your 16th birthday! I wish you wisdom in your decisions, thoughts, words and deeds. Never be afraid to apologize and change for the better. Always strive for the highest heights, but do it gradually, step by step. Good luck in all your endeavors!
  • Congratulations on your sixteenth birthday! You are growing into a real man – a strong spirit, a brave and noble man. I wish you to stay that way. Let all the good things in your life only increase, and let the bad things disappear and leave no trace of themselves.
  • Happy birthday to you on your 16th birthday. May the world be bright and life be joyful. I wish you lots of fun, good luck and successful cases. May love fill your heart, may your health never fail and happiness never leave you. I also wish you determination in life and good luck to achieve your most important goals.
  • I wish you to celebrate your 16th birthday in the best mood! You have your whole life ahead of you and it’s up to you how you want to use it. Count on yourself and be sure of the support of your best friends.
  • For your 16th birthday I wish you a good start, let all your wishes come true and let life open all its charms and beauty for you. Be the happiest person in the world!
  • My dear young friend! Congratulations on your 16th birthday! I wish you to become a real, devoted, caring man! May life please you with pleasant events, faithful friends, sincerity and kindness! Believe in miracles and they will surely happen!
  • Congratulations on turning 16! I wish kindness and light on the path of life, faithful goals and great striving for them, brave ideas and great deeds, undeniable happiness and mutual love.
  • Happy 16th birthday to a cheerful and resourceful young man. I wish you to become a brave knight in life, to find your true princess, to find true happiness and unearthly love. May all your dreams come true and all your goals be successfully achieved.
  • Congratulations on your 16th birthday. It is time to become a brave captain with absolute happiness and great ambitions. So I wish you that your potential is inexhaustible, that your heart always beats to the rhythm of great love. Be happy, creative, smart, talented in everything and incredibly charming.
  • Happy 16th birthday brave hero, funny and handsome guy. Let life never become complicated, let your heart never become sad, let love meet in life, let joy and happiness never end. Self-confidence, health, good luck, happiness and fun.

Sweet 16th Birthday Wishes For Daughter

  • My dear, beloved daughter, congratulations on your 16th birthday! I wish you that all the good will never disappear from you, so that all the bad will pass you by. My dear, always be happy, be loved and be kind to each of the people around you. I wish you health, enthusiasm, confidence and youthful optimism. May your most beautiful dreams come true!

Sweet 16 Birthday Wishes For Daughter

  • My daughter, you have grown up so fast! You are already 16 years old! I wish you an incredibly happy and diversely sparkling life! May all your wishes come true! May your family and friends, faithful and reliable, be with you. All the best for you, great victories, a bright future and lots of smiles!
  • Our beloved and best daughter in the world, congratulations on your 16th birthday! We wish you that your first steps into adult life will be successful and easy, that you will conquer the imagined heights and realize all the plans, we wish you the eternal sunshine of happiness and love, good friends, much happiness and good mood.
  • Happy 16th birthday daughter! May your life be a true fairy tale, may your soul breathe with inspiration and longing for wishes, and may your heart be filled with sincere love. Honey, be happy, beautiful and successful.
  • Daughter, happy birthday to you on your 16th birthday. My dear, I wish you to write your 16 stories about happiness, 16 poems about love, 16 stories about past successes, 16 ideas for future victories. May everything in your life be great, may every day give you a smile and inspiration and the presence of loved ones. I wish you happiness, love, lots of joy and fun for your young heart.
  • Our sweet girl, dear daughter, we congratulate you on your growing up. We wish our swallow high flights and a cozy nest, diligence and nobility, beauty and grace, honor and dignity, faithful love, good luck and great happiness.
  • Dear daughter, congratulations, you have a joyful day today, you turn 16 years old. I wish you, my dear, incredible happiness and the greatest joy in life, a safe path and great success, irresistible beauty and goodness of soul, magic and miracles in life, and above all, the fulfillment of your cherished dream.
  • The best memories are when you are sixteen. My dear, I want to wish you that your life will be a long and happy path, where success, happiness, good fortune and joy, love, prosperity, miracles and goodness will undoubtedly await you.
  • Happy 16th birthday, dear daughter. May happiness envelop you from head to toe, may the love of your heart give you inspiration and joy, may happiness accompany you always and in everything.

Happy 16th Birthday Wishes For Son

  • Here it is, your 16th birthday! Son, you are the best gift of my life! I wish you incredible happiness with all my heart! May your life path be filled with nobility, strength, achievements and knowledge about yourself and others. May all doors open on your way and all victories be easily won! Health to you, unquenchable enthusiasm and all the best!

Birthday Wishes For 16-Year-Old Son

  • Happy 16th birthday, dear son! You have grown from a mischievous boy to a brave boy, and may the whole world open up to you, may you manage to grasp only the good sides of it. I wish you good health, my son, determination, perseverance, courage and confidence in yourself. I wish you to pursue your dreams unstoppably, to have a large circle of good friends and to use every chance to win. And let your 16 years, my dear son, let life show you many ways to get yours, how to be happy always.
  • Happy 16th birthday, my dear son! May this age be the age of great happiness and achievements, new ideas and discoveries, worthy deeds and victories. My son, I wish you good health and self-confidence, I wish you to always achieve your goals and increase the happiness of your young heart every day.
  • Happy 16 birthday my son! I am proud of your achievements. I will always believe in you, support you and guide you. Be confident and cheerful, all the problems will disappear into thin air, the main thing is that despite the difficulties you move forward with determination. Happy birthday!
  • My son, congratulations on your 16th birthday. My dear son, I wish you courage and strength, bravery and determination, faithful goals and great ideas, a favorite job and interesting hobbies, good friends and eternal happiness in your life.
  • Happiest 16th birthday son! We wish you to become in this life a brave and courageous guy, a kind and honest man, an attentive and faithful friend, a successful and sought-after personality, a brave hero of our time and our beloved son.

 Best Happy 16th Birthday Wishes

  • Happy 16th birthday son! I wish you an unshakable and courageous character, a kind and open-minded soul, determination and prudence, fun and happiness, the achievement of your goals and excellent health.
  • Son, happy 16th birthday, my dear! You are my pillar in life. I know that from the first day you are always by my side, my husband, a unique and dear man. Always be a role model, my pride and support. Congratulations!
    9. Our beloved son, congratulations on your 16th birthday. We wish you to be always in the best mood, in the rays of indestructible success, to have faithful strength and courage, kindness of soul and nobility. Be happy, son!
    10. Happy Birthday dear son. We wish you undoubted success and eternal youth, fun and exciting activities, the choice of a profession to your liking, determination and prosperity, loyal friends and eternal happiness.

Sweet Happy 16th Birthday Wishes for Niece

  • On your 16th birthday, I wish you a colorful and bright life, great and joyful victories, sincere and mutual love, great and bright happiness, good and kind friends, faithful and constant happiness on your way.
  • Happy 16th birthday, my niece! I wish to be a charming miss and a stormy girl, a stunning beauty and a radiant diva. My dear, be happy, confident in your aspirations, strong in your desires and successful in your undertakings. I wish you health, love and friendship, joy and happiness.
  • Happy 16th birthday, dear niece. Wishing you to always blossom and be beautiful, never lose your self-confidence and never suffer defeats. Let youth be without disappointments and losses, let every day of your 16 years bring joy, smile, happiness, tender feelings and success.

Happy 16th Birthday Wishes for Niece

  • Happy birthday, my amazing sweet 16. Wishing you joy, to burn as a bright star, to fly as a happy comet towards your dreams. May every day give you its extraordinary miracle and incredible happiness!
  • My loving 16 years old niece, happy birthday to you. In your young years all doors and ways are open to you, so I wish you to make the right choice and go the right way that will lead you to your happiness!
  • My niece, happy 16th birthday! Stay as beautiful as you are, grow up and become even more beautiful and friendly. In life, allow new opportunities and unconquered heights that you can easily conquer!
  • Wishing a very happy 16th birthday to my amazing niece! Wishing you great happiness, great ways to success and victories, loyal friends and fun hobbies in life. Niece, let every day give you a dream and love, hope and joy, a smile and inspiration, joy and attention, a happy meeting and romance of the heart!
  • Happy 16th birthday to my dear niece. Honey, I wish you endless success and flights of fancy in the atmosphere of happiness and love. Wishing you wonderful opportunities and good friends.
  • Celebrate 16 in style, my loving niece. Wishing you bright feelings and joyful emotions, great hopes and cherished wishes, happy events and sincere love.

Happy 16th Birthday Wishes for Nephew

  • My dear nephew, I would like to congratulate you on your 16th birthday and wish you the best of health, cheerful and sincere friends, much success and good luck. Let your life plans and goals come true, let your life do what your heart and soul want.
  • Happy birthday to my one and only niece. May the joy on your face never disappear. Happy birthday!
  • Wishing you a life as warm as the sun, as clear as a snowflake, as pure and clean as rain. Happy birthday my precious nephew.
  • I wish you the best of happiness in your new age, I wish you climb the ladder of success with ease and I wish you always smile and never lose your joy. Happy birthday, my precious nephew.
  • Happy 16th birthday, nephew. You’re such a brave and talented young person, and I know you’ll achieve great things in your life. Do not let a single day go by without feelings of love, happiness, success and a feast of emotions.

Happy 16th birthday nephew!

  • Happy 16th birthday, my dear nephew. Happy 16th birthday, my dear nephew. I wish you many fun hobbies, interesting life full of colourful events, joyful emotions, exciting activities and much success. Stay so kind, beautiful, sweet, loved and happy.
  • Happy 16th birthday, my dear nephew. I wish you to be strong and powerful, confident and brave. Do not betray your wishes and dreams, fight bravely for your success and victory. Be happy and inspired by love. Health to you, dear nephew, and good luck.
  • My dear nephew, I congratulate you on your 16th birthday and wish you great goals and flights of fancy, undisputed successes and good deeds, constant happiness and faithful luck, reliable friends and loving relatives, cheerful mood and unquenchable optimism.
  • Wishing a very happy 16th birthday to my wonderful nephew! You’re such a brave young man, and I know that you’ll use your beauty to make the world a better place. I wish you happiness, joy, health, fun and the great upheavals of life.

Wishing Happy 16th Birthday to Grandson

  • Happy birthday, my dear grandson! Wishing you much strength and health, great hopes and success. My grandson will always be my pride. I wish you, my dear, to always achieve your goals and never doubt your success. Fly high in the clouds of your dreams and walk confidently towards your desirable goal.
  • Happy birthday, my dear and beloved grandson! You are 16, so may life be full of pleasant surprises, great achievements, worthy deeds, brave successes, noble victories, funny jokes and great ideas. I wish you, grandson, great happiness, good health, constant happiness and the fulfillment of all dreams. And always be brave in heart and kind in soul.

Happy 16th Birthday Wishes for grandson

  • Happy birthday to the most amazing boy we know. I wish you to always be a brave and courageous man, a kind and compassionate person, a successful and prosperous person in your chosen industry. May your life be full of fun and interesting hobbies, good health, the support of family and friends, great happiness and good luck.
  • Happy 16th birthday, dear grandson. You are an amazing person, and I hope you grow with grace and courage.May in your 16th birthday wishes come true, bright thoughts be realized and all aspirations be marked by victory.
  • Happy 16th birthday, dear grandson. Let your dreams come true faster at 16, let the horizons to new ideas and victories open before you. Be happy, dear grandson.
  • Happy birthday to the most awesome grandson! You are entering adulthood, I wish you that everything will work out with ease, that all your ideas will have a positive outcome in the end.
  • God has blessed me with a very special grandson and today is the day to celebrate another year of his life. Happy birthday, my beloved grandson!
  • My beloved grandson, how good it is to be able to celebrate another year of your life. I hope you know how happy you are for me. Happiness for me is to be able to be by your side.
  • What a joy it is to see my favorite smile lighting up the world with the joy of another year of lifeHappy birthday my beloved grandson!
  • Happy Birthdaymy grandsonMay the joy you brought into my life be present in all your daysI love you!
  • Happy birthdaymy grandsonMay God illuminate each of your steps and give you many opportunities for you to show the world how special you areEnjoy your birthday and be very happy!
  • Our dear grandson, Happy Birthday! Turning 16 years old is so wonderful! May health, happiness and success always be with you in your life. May your day today be filled with joy.
  • My dear grandson, Happy Birthday. I wish you to be good and follow your dreams and wishes, to have success and happiness on your life path, to always stay strong and healthy, to be friends with good luck and to enjoy life.

Greetings for your Granddaughter’s 16th Birthday

  • Happy birthday, sweet granddaughter. I wish you to always be smart, fashionable, stylish, beautiful, charming, kind, sensitive, fun, wise, brave, persistent, confident, creative, sincere and irresistible. In your 16 let your most cherished dreams come true and every day bring you happiness, joy and good luck!

16th Birthday Wishes For Granddaughter

  • Dear granddaughter, today you are 16 years old, considering that a little girl has become a beautiful adult. Congratulations to you, my dear, and I wish you with all my heart that you become a miracle of miracles in this world, that you confidently and proudly realise your dreams, that you surprise the whole world with your talents and please us all with each, even the smallest of your achievements. Health to you, granddaughter, happiness and love.
  • My dear granddaughter, let your life be a good fairy tale, where your dreams come true, let all roads to success be open to you, let you always be surrounded by happiness, joy and love! Here’s to your 16th birthday.
  • Dear granddaughter, congratulations on your 16th birthday! I wish you to be confident and never doubt your abilities. Be happy, learn new things, travel and soak up many impressions and emotions. Be happy, loved, beautiful and smiling! Happy birthday!
  • My dear granddaughter, Happy birthday. I wish you happy and joyful moments of life, bright and courageous victories, good luck and great happiness, interesting ideas and high achievements, a wonderful mood and a cheerful soul.
  • Happy birthday, our beloved granddaughter! Today is a wonderful day and on this day 16 years ago God sent you to us. Be happy and loved, healthy and beautiful, cheerful and energetic. May everything be wonderful for you, dear granddaughter!
  • Happy birthday to my adorable granddaughter! Always be irresistible, full of strength and energy, inspiration and beauty. Granddaughter, let every day be interesting and fun, let your life be filled with joyful holidays and colourful experiences.
  • Happy 16th birthday, granddaughter. I wish you happy and joyful moments of life, good luck and great happiness, interesting ideas and high achievements, a wonderful mood.
  • On the holiday, granddaughter, I would like to wish you that life will surprise you more and more, that you will enjoy your youth and your 16th birthday and believe that you can conquer all mountains and horizons.

16th Birthday Wishes For Friends

  • Happy 16 Birthday dear best friend. I wish you that everything in life develops as you dreamed, that you have good health, strive for your ideals, prosperity and good luck on the way to your goals, love and happiness.

Wishes friend on her 16th birthday

  • My sweetie turned sweet 16 years old today. Congratulations, girlfriend. May your whole life be sweet, may every day charge you with positivity, joy, inspiration and good luck. Charm, grace, beauty, talent, soulfulness and an amazing inner world – you have all that, and I only wish you to become better and happier every day.
  • Happy 16th birthday, my friend. I want to wish you to be the coolest and never doubt your abilities, because you have a bright youth and happy years ahead of you. So be beautiful, smart, successful, loved and damn good looking from all sides.
  • My beloved friend, congratulations on your 16th birthday! You have reached a beautiful age and have become a beautiful girl like a butterfly! Let all your dreams and wishes come true, let your life be charming and diverse! Enjoy every moment, create, learn, become even better! All the best to you, my dear!
  • Hooray, my friend, you are already 16 years old. And may these 16 years be your sweet, fun and adorable life. May in your hands always lie the key to happiness, may you, my beautiful one, be admired by the whole world, may for you, my dearest, spring bloom, the sun shine in summer, the fires of rowan burn in autumn and a good fairy tale happen every winter. Happy Birthday.
  • My dear friend, happy birthday. My darling, I wish you to open your eyes every morning and feel incredible happiness, to spend every day fruitful and joyful, to spend every evening exciting vacations with family or friends.
  • Happy Birthday to my amazing friend! I want to wish you great happiness and unearthly love. Be an irresistible diva, a dreamy star, a bright spot of light, a girl crush and a smart friend. Love, I wish you that all your wishes come true and all your victories are loudly celebrated!
  • My dear friend, my irresistible beauty, I congratulate you on your 16th birthday. I wish you charm and pleasant attention from handsome guys, fun hobbies and success in any case, a wonderful mood and happy events.
  • Happy sweet sixteen to my sweetest friend. I wish you bright sunrises and tender sunsets, romantic adventures and great success in your affairs, good mood and fun in the soul, colorful life and great happiness.

16th Birthday Wishes For Friends

  • Happy 16th birthday, my friend. I wish you to drive the girls crazy, to achieve victory and fame, to go only forward and never lose the measure of your success. Be happy, in love, cheerful, active, confident, loved by your loved ones and respected by your friends. All the best to you, my friend of 16 years.
  • My wonderful friend, happy birthday. Wishing you optimism and self-confidence, determination and great hope, bright prospects and good health, faithful and reliable friends, understanding and loving relatives, great happiness, great ideas and radiant happiness in life.
  • Happy Birthday to my best friend! Wishing you confident pursuit of your dreams and good luck, reliable friends and understanding family, good health and excellent mood, great success in all undertakings, genuine happiness and mutual love.
  • Happy 16th birthday, my friend. I wish you a lot of positive and good luck, great prospects on the horizon and a lucky card in your pocket. In general, be strong, powerful, funny, successful, cool and tireless in your ideas. I wish you good luck, my friend, and the constant drive of life.
  • My dear friend, happy birthday! Let your birthday be remembered for the rest of your life! Have fun, be happy, smile, have fun and the surprises you want! Be healthy, always full of ideas and ready for incredible adventures!
  • Happy 16th birthday, my friend. May new paths to success open for you, may new horizons of happiness delight your eyes. I wish you, my friend, a bogatyr health, a superhero power, happiness without hooks, love and incredibly cool victories!
  • I congratulate my good friend on his 16th birthday. Dear, I wish you a clear sky in your life and sunny mood, great victories and high achievements, incredible adventures and good mood, bright prospects and real happiness.
  • Happy 16 Birthday dear best friend. I wish you to bravely and courageously overcome all barriers and obstacles on the path of life, I wish you many reasons for happiness and fun, I wish you a wide range of interesting hobbies and amazing ideas, I wish you eternal falling in love with life and this colorful world.
  • Happy birthday, my friend. May life elicit new secrets of happiness from you on your 16th birthday and give you the keys to success. You still have your whole life ahead of you, and may it be full of pleasant surprises and only positive feelings.

16th Birthday Wishes for Sister

  • Sis, you turned 16! Congratulations! You are now grown up and independent, but I want you to always remain a little child! Have fun, be happy, have new experiences, give a smile, develop yourself and get the best out of life! All the best to you!

16th Birthday Wishes for Sister

  • Happy 16th birthday, dear little sister. My beautiful, smart girl, always be brave, proud, active, impulsive, funny, playful, cheerful, bright, dreamy, open, amazing and simply the best. For your 16th birthday, I wish you to be the happiest. May your dreams come true and success accompany you in everything!
  • Happy sixteen, my dear sister. Wishing you the best and happiness in everything. Sis, be happy, loved, cheerful and always open to new ideas, grandiose events and big goals. Love, let every day at 16 be a story full of love, joy, romance, drive and success for you.
  • Happy Birthday my sister! I wish you, my dear, a good destiny and great happiness, joyful events and vivid impressions, unforgettable travels and cheerful hobbies, mutual love and irresistible beauty.
  • Dear sister, happy birthday to you. When you blow out the candles on your cake today, know that there is one flame that never goes out. It burns in my heart for you. Happy special day!
  • Don’t fly low, your path is different. You are one of those who believe in miracles. May you celebrate life today with all your loved ones!
  • Dear sister, congratulations on your 16th birthday. Do not be guided by laziness but by inspiration, let every day not be boring but cheerful and exciting. I wish you, my beloved, to shine with a Hollywood smile of happiness and never let go of your bird of happiness.
  • Happy 16th birthday, little sister. I wish you, my swallow, to soar into the skies of your dreams and land on the ground of great possibilities for their realization. Be happy and in love, charming and beautiful. I wish you to always reach your dreams and stand on the peak of your popularity!
  • My beloved and dear sister, congratulations on your 16th birthday. Birthday. I wish you happy sunrises and romantic sunsets, good luck and great success, incredible ideas and joyful undertakings, brilliant prospects and eternal irresistible beauty.

16th Birthday Wishes for Brother

  • Happy 16th birthday, dear brother. I wish you to have fun, be inspired, fall in love, believe in yourself, go to your success, win, achieve, never stay away and always be on the wave of happiness. I wish you good health, little brother, great figure, good mood, decent environment and young happiness at 16.

16th Birthday Wishes for Brother

  • Happy 16th birthday dear little brother! Be healthy, beautiful, confident, brave, happy, loved and fun. Let everything come as it should, and how it should come – decide for yourself. Good luck and all the best, the support of friends and understanding of loved ones.
  • Happy birthday, my beloved brother. On your 16th birthday, I wish you great willpower, invincible courage, high goals, sincere love of heart, wonderful mood, excellent health, great happiness and much joy.
  • I thank God every day for giving me a brother like you. On your birthday, thank you for being the best brother anyone could ever hope for. Happy birthday!
  • Even though the sun will one day run out of fuel, my love for you will last forever. Happy birthday, dear brother.
  • Happy 16th birthday, my dear little brother. I wish you incredible success, pursuit of your goals and great happiness, sincere joy, prosperity, strong love and fun, good friends, wonderful life opportunities, beauty and courage.
  • Brother, happy 16th birthday! Always be a real man, whatever you have to do to prove this title. Let them believe in you and help you overcome everything in the world. You are the best man and the most beautiful brother. Congratulations!
  • Happy birthday, little brother. May life be fun and funny like in the circus, interesting and exciting like in a good movie, okay and beautiful like in a good song. Wake up every day in love, inspired and motivated.
  • Dear brother, happy 16th birthday. Wishing you to rush to your dreams like a bullet train, to float above the clouds like an airplane, to float free in the sea of happiness and love like a ship, to look like the coolest and most expensive car in the world.