250 Good Night Messages, Wishes & Quotes

Пожелание спокойной ночи — это приятный способ выразить свою любовь и признательность близкому человеку. Сообщения спокойной ночи могут быть милыми и романтичными для любовника или сочными и вдохновляющими для члена семьи. Вот несколько сообщений спокойной ночи, чтобы поделиться с любимым человеком. Вы также можете использовать их, чтобы показать свою признательность коллегам и друзьям. Читайте дальше, чтобы узнать, как отправить ей сообщение спокойной ночи.

Пожелания спокойной ночи

Спокойной ночи сообщения

  • Спокойной ночи! Не забывай мечтать обо мне!
  •  Спокойной ночи, любовь моя. Я люблю тебя так сильно, что буду мечтать о тебе каждую ночь до конца своей жизни.
  • Когда я закрываю глаза перед сном, я вижу твое лицо, твои волосы и твою улыбку. Вот три причины хорошо провести ночь. Ты мне нравишься.
  • Спокойной ночи, любовь всей моей жизни, любовь моей ночи.
  • I can’t sleep because I keep thinking about you. I have only one thing in mind, to throw myself into your arms. Please come back quickly. Have a good night, my love.
  •  I wish you to fall asleep in the soft cotton of the night and wake up in the soft honey of the morning. Good night.
  • Little jewel of my life, sweet angel of my paradise, shining star of my nights, to you only I say good night.
  • What to wish you for a good night, apart from dreaming about me!
  • Lying down, your perfume on the pillow memory of times past, I find myself dreaming that tonight you will be by my side. Good night!
  • Tonight, the miracle of love brings us together. We can’t physically be together, but our hearts are bound forever. Good night, my soul mate!

Цитаты спокойной ночи для него

  • I am the happiest person in the world: I have the chance to say good night to you every evening and good morning every morning.
  • Good night, my love. Rest well because tomorrow I have a surprise for you!
  • I always end my days with the best, and that is thinking of you and wishing you a good night.
  • Little jewel of my life, angel of my paradise, to you only I say good night. I like you.
  • The evening angel passes by and takes the opportunity to give you a thousand and one kisses.
  • Oh my love, where have you been all day? Come close to me, hug me and wish me a good night in your arms.
  • Good night, my love. I will see you in my dreams…
  • All the waves of the sea, all the perfumes of flowers, all the angels of paradise are gathered around your bed to say good night to you…
  • Good night my love. I love you a little more every day.
  • Good night. Know that I will dream of you tonight and until tomorrow…and even until the end of my life.
  • In the calm of the night and the silence of the people I would like, without disturbing you, to wish you a good night.
  • Before falling asleep look out the window. All the stars you see are the little kisses I give you. Good night.
  • When I close my eyes before sleeping. I see your face, your smile and I remember the beautiful moments when we spent together. It allows me to spend a very good night! Goodnight My Love. I like you.

сладкое сообщение спокойной ночи для нее

  • I send you two angels to watch over you, while you dream of me. Good night.
  • The day is over. Room for dreams. I will surely meet you there!
  • I live for the day when all my dreams will come true.

Good Night Wishes for Her

  • My darling, a message of love to say good night to you. I like you.
  • I feel alone in my big bed, I’m cold, I would like to feel you by my side, your breath on my neck, your soft kisses on my lips. Goodnight My Love.
  • Sweet dreams I love you sweetheart.
  • Good night, sweetheart. May your night be as beautiful as my love for you.
  • Good night my darling. I know she will because I’m watching over you.
  • I would like to fall asleep every night by your side to watch you sleep, cover you with kisses. Good night Sweetheart.
  • Are you sleeping? Me no, I couldn’t until I wished you good night and sent lots of kisses.
  • When the night erases the light of day, and the moon gently illuminates us, I don’t forget to wish you good night my love!
  • Hope you have sweet dreams. For my part, I will most certainly think of you until the moment when I go to sleep. Then continue dreaming about you for the rest of the night. Goodnight My Love.

спокойной ночи сообщение

  • Sweet dreams, my love.
  • The sun has set on this day, but my love for you will never fade into nothingness.
  • The stars shine so bright tonight that they almost compete with our love. But they cannot measure up to our dreams!
  • I hope your dreams will be as sweet as your kisses and as tender as your hugs.
  • I’m thinking of you and I wish you a good evening, a sweet night, sweet dreams and a serene morning since a sweet message will be waiting for you on your mobile when you wake up! I love you!
  • Far from you but under the same pale moonlight, someone is thinking of you. A person very close by his feelings and who strongly believes in the powers of dreams. Have a sweet night my love. See you tomorrow.
  • I can’t wait to fall asleep to have lots of dreams about you.
  • The weight of a message is so light that I can load it with love and tenderness to ensure you have the sweetest of nights. Sleep well, I love you
  • I hope when you go to bed tonight, you will have sweet dreams filled with joy and sweetness. Rest your soul and open your heart: you will feel all my love there.
  • This night will be a little special since for the first time in a long time, you will not be in my arms. Let’s not think about it and keep in mind the memory of the best evenings and nights spent together. I like you.
  • Every night I realize how much I love you. Sweet dreams and think of me! I like you.
  • My eyes refuse to close because they blame me for not wishing you goodnight.
  • Dreams are said to be the literature of sleep. You are my favorite book.

Сладкие сообщения спокойной ночи Изображения

  • Before going to bed look out the window. Do you see the stars shining? It is my love for you that watches over your dreams.
  • When I lie down next to you, I feel my heart beating. Each pulse is an ode to love.
  • The night is as dark as my love for you is deep. Goodnight My Angel!
  • Under the dull and deep sky I send you fragrant flowers that will fill your sleep with dreams.
  • Sweet dreams, my love. The stars are watching over you!
  •  I’m thinking of you, I love you, I kiss you…all at once!
  • Look at the sky, you will see two stars next to each other it is my eyes that are watching you and wishing you a sweet night, I love you my love.
  • Every day he travels around the world looking for the cutest person there is to wish him goodnight honey.

Good Night Wishes for Him

  • I would so love to be there to see you fall asleep. Tell you that I love you and that I can’t wait to see you again tomorrow.
  • I wanted to end this beautiful day by wishing a good night to a person I love… That’s it, I can fall asleep with my heart in peace. Lots of love !
  • Sometimes words fail me to tell you how much I love you. But, I know you are aware of this. You have always been very patient. Goodnight My Love. Dream of me as I will dream of you!
  • I found the man of my dreams.
  • Good evening tender, My little love bunny.
  • I can’t wait to spend all of our nights together. It’s for when? I invaded to pamper myself in your strong and muscular arms.

спокойной ночи сообщения

  • Love is in the air so take a deep breath and let it rock you. Sleep well, my heart.
  • Tonight, all the stars in the sky are going to shine a little brighter, because I’m thinking of you. I wish you sweet dreams.
  • My darling, I would so much like to be by your side right now… Have a good night filled with sweet dreams. I miss you. I like you.
  • ​​Through this message I send you a magic and mischievous kiss which comes to rest on your neck and your lips. It will end its journey on your eyes so that they close and fall asleep for a night full of dreams.
  • My idea of ​​a good night has always been to be hugged by my beloved. Thanks for making my wish come true!
  • May your night be sweet! May your dreams be tender!
  • Sleeping without you is hard. But knowing that I’m going to see you again tomorrow puts me into a sweet, deep sleep.
  • I send you a plane of kisses in a sky of love covered with a cloud of tenderness carried by a wind of happiness hoping that it will crash on your heart.
  • When I go to bed I’m always very sad that I can’t lie next to you.
  • Right now there are billion people sleeping. But you’re the only person I wish goodnight.
  • Far from you but under the same star-covered sky, I think strongly of you and hope to find you in my dreams. Have a sweet night my love. Until tomorrow.
  • If I was a bird I would fly over all the villages to see your face, if I was a cloud I would fly over to your window to say goodnight!

Good Night Text Messages

  • I am unable to function without you. I know you’re not far away but I can’t wait for you to come back. Sweetheart I love you.

спокойной ночи цитаты

  • Tonight, I can’t wait to go to bed. I will dream of you and imagine myself in your arms.
  • The night is sometimes so long, when you’re not there!
  • Hush! I dream. I dream of you my love. I hope that I too am present in your dreams.
  • Honey, I can’t wait for tonight, to lie next to you and feel your strong arms hugging me. At that moment, I know how much you love me.
  • At this moment I would like to be a wave of sweetness and warmth to accompany you throughout the night that has just begun…Sweet dreams.
  • I wish so much that I could lie next to you and hug you.
  • I send you this little message loaded with love and tenderness to wish you the sweetest night! Sleep well, I love you.
  • Have good dreams I will dream of you since you are my most beautiful dream.
  • When I go to bed without you, I hurry to fall asleep, because I will dream of your kisses and wake up amazed.
  • You can tell a baby not to cry, you can tell the birds not to sing, but you can’t tell my heart not to love you. Goodnight My Love.
  • Under this starry sky of this magnificent night, I send you this message of tenderness to wish you a wonderful night with beautiful dreams.
  • My darling so beautiful! At the hour when you close your beautiful eyes to fall asleep. My loving heart will beat only for You.
  • Receive this lovely message of tenderness Words of love sent like a caress. A tender loving message to your heart That wishes you to spend the sweetest of nights.
  • Good night my beautiful lover!

Sweet Good Night Wishes

  • I would like to be very close to you at this moment, I would like to be the pillow on which you will lay your head and by closing these sublime eyes, I will take you into a dream full of sweetness, but alas, I am far away. So, I wrote this message to say good night to you, sweetheart.

Милые СМС Спокойной ночи

  • Good night my love, I miss your sweet voice and your beautiful face, no longer being with you at this hour, no longer hearing your heart beat, no longer smelling your scent. It is a great pain for me, sleep well my angel.
  • Every night when I close my eyes to sleep, I see your beautiful eyes and your smile. It fills me with joy and it makes me want to sleep to find you in my dreams, I wish you good night my love.
  • I miss you my love, I would so much like to hug you rather than having to wish you a good night through this message.
  • Have a sweet night my darlingMy wonderful love,Your day has been busy.Now you need to rest.Recharge your batteries while spending a sweet night full of sweet dreams..
  • Sleep well my loveI come to join you in your dreams.I love you my angel!

Funny Good Night Messages

Whether you’re trying to win her heart or woo her into a marriage, your words can make or break your relationship. The way you express yourself and the love you have for your partner will have a direct impact on whether your partner will love you back or move on. Here are some good night messages to make her laugh:

  • I offer you: a flood of love, a cloud of roses, a pillow of softness, a sheet of sweet dreams, restful sleep. Good night.

Смешные СМС Спокойной ночи

  • With a rose in my hand and a smile on my face I sing you my heart a beautiful love song to say good night to you my love…
  • We announce for this night, a tornado of big hugs which will fall on your room and will be accompanied by a shower of big kisses, above all don’t take shelter. Goodnight My Love…
  • Sleep well, I love you endlessly.
  • My heart, The sand merchant asks me to deliver you a cargo of kisses. Knowing that my love for you amplifies everything in my life and in my heart, I am going to give you a double load of kisses and, as a bonus, several palettes of loving hugs. Pleasant night to you that I love more than anything Big Kisses.
  • Say Goodnight I miss you My darling who falls asleep at this hour You are far from my heart tonight, But you are so present in my loving thoughts. Like every evening, I wish you the most beautiful of nights.A restful night made of a light sleepFull of beautiful starry dreams.
  • Sleep well my love baby! Before falling asleep remember how much I love you! I miss you.
  • The beauty of your person accompanies my sleep and makes me spend a very good night of love.

Inspiring Goodnight Messages

  • May this beautiful trip to the country of your dreams be rejuvenating and full of sweetness. Fall a sleep with your heart in peace remembering that I love you forever!

пожелания спокойной ночи

  • Thank you for being in my lifeI think of you day and night…I love you my darling.
  • Night love message to my love so pretty.
  • A little message of love written before going to sleep Sweet words of love offered to your heart so good.When two souls love each other as we love each other nothing can separate their loving hearts…
  • Rest well, may your sleep be only pleasure…Even when you sleep, I am with you! Sweet dreams my love.
  • My love, the time has come when you must let your little heart full of love rest for me. Before you go to sleep remember that I love you every day and night that God makes.
  • Sweet dreams my darling whom I love more than anything in the world. Big kisses I love you very much!

Wishing a sweet night to his wife

  • Little word of love before falling a sleep to the princess of my nights to the queen of my days My girlfriend, my companion, my wife my soul mate, the reason my heart beats.My adored wife, so deliciousThat your sleep is marvelous.Knowing that you are fulfilled and happyMakes me happy.Know my marvelous tendernessThat sharing your life is a gift from destiny.
  • Good night, sleep well, I love you. Big kiss from your man who thinks of you…

Say sweet dreams to her husband

    • My Man, My Dude,

    My King all to myself

    Tonight I’m not sleeping,

    My heart and my head are full of love for you

    Beautiful loving thoughts keep me awake

    I realize how lucky I am to have you my baby

    Tonight all the stars in the sky shine brighter

    Tonight, my loving soul flies away to the heaven of lovers

    You make me the happiest of women

    You are my gift of existence, my treasure

    Thank you for everything my dear!

    I wish you sweet dreams.

    My love for you never ends!

    Big tender kisses.

    Your wife who thinks of you…

  • My big love baby It’s time to go for a big sleep A big sleep to be even more beautiful To fall asleep think of meI am your cuddly toy…To fall asleep rememberThat I love you more than anything!
  • Good Night My Lover My naughty little bunny A wonderful and delicious guy A wonderful boyfriend.

Good Night Messages for Friends

Wish a good night to my friends and friends with an original message. These messages of friendship are also perfect to wish a good evening to his friends or to spend a little friendly good evening.

  • A few words of friendship sent to a wonderful friend Affectionate message to wish you a good night. End the day thanking you For being such a supportive friend a true friend, a brotherA companion of light…
  • My faithful friend, May your sleep be restful may your rest be rejuvenating!

СМС спокойной ночи для друзей

  • To the little party animal that you are, I wish a beautiful evening An evening not too drunk Otherwise, beware of the spanking of grandma!
  • Have fun But don’t forget to rest…Remember there is no pleasure in excess So be happy but reasonablea good evening and a wonderful night.
  • Big kisses to you!
  • Tonight I have an appointment with my bed. We sleep together lol Good night my friend!
  • It’s not me who goes to bed too late…It’s the early morning that gets up too early…Sweet dreams my friend!
  • Before falling asleep my friend, look out your bedroom window. You will see  stars in the sky which are as many kisses of friendship that I am sending you. Fall asleep with your heart in peace. I love you dearly…
  • Before falling asleep my friend, look at the moon. It is as sweet and beautiful as the friendship I have for you. Sleep in peace to rest your beautiful soul.
  • A day has just passed. A new page in the book of our existence has just been turned. All you have to do is rest in order to write a new one tomorrow. I wish you an excellent night inhabited by sweet dreams.
  • By this sincere message of friendship perfumed with tenderness I wish a good night to all my friends and all my friends. Affectionate words wishing them to sleep well to travel to the land of dreams and pleasures.
  • May this nocturnal journey Open the doors of fortune to you. That when you wake up, your hearts are awake, May the day ahead bring you wonders.

Good evening sms

  • Dear Life Companions! The night has just fallen and it’s the beginning of the evening a great opportunity to meet and to recharge your batteries at the wells of friendship.
  • To each and everyoneI wish a good start to the evening a good evening served as a starter so that the night to come is a delicious dessert!

Смешные сообщения спокойной ночи

  • Good relaxation to you! May your sleep be sweet…Receive my tender words of sincere friendships I kiss you all and wish you a pleasant evening..
  • Good evening to the man of my life!
  • Good evening to the woman of my life!

Say good night tenderly

  • Attached to this message of friendship I send you a soft sheet of happiness a soft pillow full of softness, a silky blanket full of warmth and all the tenderness of my heart!I know that with all thisYou will sleep well!

Friendship good night message template

  • When I go to sleep I think of you my friend, our friendship is so beautiful and true…Having you as a friend does me a world of good.Your respect and your listening are gifts of destiny.
  • With much gratitudeI wish you an excellent night. Cover you with kisses on both cheeks so that your sleep is sweet.
  • I love you my awesome friend! Good sleep to you…And see you tomorrow for other friendly adventures…

Words of love to a girl – girlfriend

  • My beautiful darling little fairy It’s time to go to bed make a big back to be even more beautiful Join Morpheus, plunge into a sweet sleepTo fall asleep think of meI am your cuddly toy…To fall asleep rememberthat I love you more than anything!
  • Good Night My Lover
    My Naughty Little Bunny
    A Wonderful Yummy Girl
    A wonderful little girlfriend I love you, sweetheart!I kiss you everywhere …
    Your boyfriend in love.

Sms good romantic evening

  • When night falls in this world, My loving heart for you rumbles At the beginning of the evening, I have my head full of delicious thoughts desires to be with youTo hold you in my armsTo live beautiful moments with youToo soft as silk and full of happy.
  • In love and in love we are a beautiful couple, a happiness in short! I love you more than sweet my love…I love you tonight and forever…

Soft and starry night poem

With this tender friendly poem

I want to wish you a pleasant night

May your sleep be a delight

May your rest be sweet and carefree

By this poem of good night full of tenderness

I wish you to sleep the heart in peace

Relax, forget the stress

The life is only beginning again, all remains to invent

May your sleep be deep and restorative

May it prepare you for a new day of happiness.

May your most beautiful dreams come true

Keep hope alive… Existence is an eternal summer

That nightmares and insomnia

Move away from your nights

Become aware of the happiness of being alive

Forget the insignificant and what worries you

My friends, find your inner child

To sleep like a baby.

My friends, be serene and confident

To find the deserved sleep.

With this tender friendly poem

I want to wish you a pleasant night

May your sleep be a delight

May your rest be sweet and carefree.

Good night to all those I love

My family, my parents, my brothers and my sisters

My love, my friends and all my soul mates

Be lulled by the lines of this sweet poem…

I love you infinitely.

Good Night Messages and Wishes can make her feel loved and appreciated

If you’re looking to show your girlfriend how much you care about her, send her romantic Good Night Messages. Even a simple message will make her smile. Sending her good night messages and wishes is an easy way to show her how much you value her. Even a few words of love will brighten her day. She will know that you care and appreciate her, and she’ll feel appreciated and loved in return.

If you’ve never written a good night message for your girlfriend or wife, here’s a tip: send her one. Good night messages can help make her night a little smoother and relieve any stress of the day. You can send her a short message about her day’s activities, a funny quote, or even a heartwarming poem about her. These messages will make her feel special and appreciated.

Whether you want your girlfriend or wife to sleep better at night, sending her a meaningful Good Night Message is an excellent way to say it. Be creative and sincere. Make sure your message shares the same thoughts as your mother did. Most girls will look forward to a purposeful message from a man, which is a great way to make her feel special. Even if you can’t be there for her in person, sending a good night text can show her how much you care.

If you’re looking for a romantic way to say good night to your significant other, try sending a message through voicemail. This can be easier when your partner isn’t home or asleep. You can send a text message, which is even more convenient if you’re unsure if your love interest is awake. You can also send a message through voicemail if you’re not sure if your loved one is awake.

They can make him feel appreciated

Sending good night messages to your boyfriend is an excellent way to make him feel appreciated and cared for. Men are more likely to sleep peacefully at night if they are calm and composed, and the message that you send him at the end of the day will do just that. Whether you’re a new wife or husband, remember not to overdo it. It’s not necessary to send a good night message every night, but sending one or two a week will make your boyfriend feel loved and appreciated.

You probably had a long day at work and have been worrying about your partner being away. A sweet good night message will show your love and appreciation, and he’ll likely feel the same way. If your husband works long hours, he’ll be more likely to be in a good mood if you take time to write him a message. Sending a romantic message that reminds him of you will also help him sleep well.

They can make her smile

Sending your girlfriend a goodnight text is a great way to say goodnight, but you need to be careful not to wake her up! Good night messages are meant to send her to dreamland, not wake her up! It’s best to play it safe and send the message when she’s already preparing for sleep, because she might not be in the mood for conversation. Instead, wait for her to answer, or let her phone charge before sending her goodnight texts.

Сообщения спокойной ночи для вашей жены покажут вашу любовь и привязанность к ней и помогут возродить страсть в ваших отношениях. Вы даже можете пережить первые дни ухаживания, отправив сообщение спокойной ночи. Ваша жена почувствует прилив энергии и свежесть в результате вашего вдумчивого жеста. Она будет чувствовать себя особенной и любимой, когда вы посылаете ей сообщения спокойной ночи. Она наверняка удивится, когда вы отправите ей один!

Если вы не тот человек, который посылает цветы, сообщения и пожелания спокойной ночи могут вызвать у нее улыбку. Хорошо написанное сообщение позволит вашей любимой понять, как сильно вы заботитесь о ней и как сильно вы дорожите ею. Отправка ей сообщений и пожеланий спокойной ночи заставит ее улыбнуться, будь она романтиком или одинокой душой. Пожелание ей спокойной ночи заставит ее улыбнуться, как бы она ни устала.