150 Funny Valentines Day Messages and Wishes

In a couple, it is essential to always be able to find something to laugh about together and have lighthearted moments, even on more romantic times and days like Valentine’s Day.

Who said, in fact, that on Valentine’s Day we cannot indulge in fun with ironic and funny phrases?

So here are the most Funny Valentine Messages and Wishes to share in order to spend the holiday of lovers in joy. Discover them now!

Funny Valentine Day Messages

  • I am crazy about you. If you are crazy about me too, we could go to the asylum together….
  • Call me an incurable romantic, but in the many years we have been together with my wife, there has not been a single Valentine’s Day in which we have failed to respect that beautiful tradition of not giving each other a damn thing.
  • I was thinking that for Valentine’s Day it would be nice if the two of us went out…. -Yeah me too-where are you going?
  • Happy Valentine’s Day! May love not consist of sniffles and drools, but give only buzz and joy. I wish you sex till you’re exhausted, love till you’re dizzy.
  • If nothing lasts forever, will you be my nothing?
  • Valentine’s Day is going out at dawn to buy her roses and being told, “I prefer orchids. You don’t know anything about me!”…
  • How to save money on Valentine’s Day: break up on Feb. 13 and get back together on the 15th Follow me for more financial tips!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day! I wish you passionate love, restless nights of love, so that the walls shook from the sound vibrations of love and was a little shame in front of the neighbors in the morning!
  • Congratulations on Valentine’s Day and I wish sweet love and passionate intimacy, success in bed and falling in love with life, kisses with goosebumps and strong sincere embrace to the crack of bones.
  • On Valentine’s Day I wish fiery passion and frank sensations to shivers, pampering in bed and sincere delight, admiration of your soul mate and heady happiness, romantic intimacy and love.
  • On Valentine’s Day I wish you to be two halves of the same heart, which only being near can beat and be one whole. I wish that you are perfect for each other, like two pieces of lego, to love each other faithfully and devotedly.
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  • Happy Valentine’s Day! May all the chicest gifts and most unforgettable emotions be yours! Surprise yourself, meet the holiday boldly, so you won’t regret the missed opportunities!
  • I wish the volcano of love, so that its lava burns all the quarrels, disagreements. Let Valentine’s be the most beautiful holiday, where there will be no place for quarrels.
  • Today you must be in a couple, so make up with your soulmate if you quarrelled, or finally write to the one you’ve been dreaming of for a year. Today anything is possible, because St. Valentine himself is on your side! Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Happy valentine’s day! I wish never to anger your soulmate to a nervous tic, not to offend, to love, appreciate and embrace tightly, so that she could not run away anywhere without you.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day. I wish you not a day without passion and intimacy, not a minute of peace in bed and not a second of boredom in the soul. Let this holiday fill you with strength, energy, romance, and inspiration for creating a paradise for two.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day. I wish you romance and tenderness from morning till night, and passion and revelry from night till morning. Let amour not spoil your nerves, let love know no problems, let your heart observe the cardiogram of happiness.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day. I wish that you reek of passion and sexuality, that for you the other half arranges tender romances and stormy nights of love.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day and I wish you a wonderful romance and tender intimacy, passion in bed and sincere love in the soul, sweet as honey, kisses and a strong embrace as a python’s bauble.
  • Congratulations on Valentine’s Day and wish to be a passionate fire-breathing dragon in bed, a cute and fluffy animal in the arms of your beloved, an impregnable fortress for enemies and a uniquely talented genius in everything else. Wishing you a tough as nuts butt and love.

Funny Valentine Wishes for Singles

  • Happy Valentine’s Day also to all those who are in love with imaginary characters….
  • And again this year I will receive roses next year….
  • Valentine’s Day is that day when you want to go out to dinner with your soul mate, but then you realize you have neither money nor a soul mate….
  • What do you do on Valentine’s Day? – If I can catch him, I’ll beat him up.
  • I wanted to remind my fiancé that in a few days it is Valentine’s Day and so he has to hurry up and find me.
funny valentine messages for friends
  • It is a year full of doubts, insecurities, expectations… but I have one certainty: on Valentine’s Day I am always single!
  • Florists and pastry chefs: they are the ones who celebrate for real on February 14….
  • I wish your personal Cupid was from the Olympic biathlon team and hit you with his arrow exactly in the heart, not in the “soft” place. May this accurate hit make your life much more dynamic, diverse and happy, teach you to love, appreciate, respect and believe. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day. May there be enough love, passion, and intimacy in your life. Let your cupid not fidget, but quite seriously engage in love affairs. Let your soulmate go nowhere without you and hang out with no one without you. I wish you hot and true love with a storm of feelings and emotions so that you never get bored and lonely.
  • May this day, filled with red hearts and vanilla, St. Valentine fly in, with one well-aimed shot, pierce your heart and point out your destiny. I wish you to trust the curly-haired baby whose arrow of love will peek out of your chest. Happy Holidays!
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Funny Valentine’s Day Messages for Friends

  • On Valentine’s Day give your partner access to your smartphone for the whole day… Then see if you are still together on Feb. 15…
  • We laugh and joke, but there are people who are uncertain whether to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their partner or with their lover…
  • Valentine’s Day and Carnival are the same thing. People put on a mask and pretend to be what they are not.
  • “- Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? – I’m an atheist.”
  • When you are single, you see only lovebirds in love; when you are engaged, you see only happy singles.
Funny Valentine’s Day Messages for Friends
  • Do you want to surprise your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day? Introduce her to your wife!
  • Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Don’t open.
  • This Valentine’s Day, surprise your woman with a very special gift: the history of the websites you’ve been surfing on!

Funny Valentine Messages For Her

  • Do you know that you look just like my wife? On my future wife.
  • If the toad became a prince charming; the ugly duckling a swan; the caterpillar a butterfly… when will you be transformed?
Cute funny Valentine messages
  • Look, in a little corner of your heart, there is a little door: open it! In there is a little angel who smiles and loves you, now close the door-because I’m cold!
  • Love, wherever you are, whoever you’re with, whatever you’re doing, right now I’m kissing you good night. So don’t move, I don’t want to miss the mark!
  • I only had to see you from afar to know that you are so sweet, I only had to see you from afar to know that you are beautiful, I only had to see you up close to know that from afar I can’t see at all!
  • God created the sun, beautiful, He created the stars, wonderful, He created me, fantastic, He created you…. And a mistake he had to make!
Funny Valentine Messages For Wife

Funny Valentine Messages For Him

  • But what bundles of red roses, but what bouquets of pansies!!!? Take it from me: bouquets of shoes. This is every woman’s unmentionable wish.
  • A gift for Valentine’s Day? A piece of jewelry? That’s too expensive! Some flowers? They wither. Some chocolates? They make people fat! What do I want then? That you continue to love me tomorrow as you love me today. That will be the most beautiful gift. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.
  • My love, for this Valentine’s Day tell me to go to hell. Just one recommendation, though: pay my travel and expenses too!
  • Message: “Love, tonight put on something I like.” Okay, I make her happy, I cover myself with Nutella.
Funny Valentine Card for him
  • I thank God every day for meeting you. It’s nice to be able to rely on you daily – for groceries, bills, rent.
  • Dear, if you really want to spend Valentine’s Day somewhere you’ve never been – how about spending it in the kitchen!
  • Well yes, I admit it, I am crazy in love, in my veins no longer runs blood but a distillate of you! Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • They say that Feb. 14 represents for women the feast of lovers and for men the day of extortion. I disagree love, you also feel free not to give me the gift. Exactly as I will feel free to lock you out of the house.
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