1st Anniversary Wishes, Messages & Quotes

Anniversaries can be a good reason to commit to a relationship and romance. No matter what month you celebrate, it’s actually always nice to show your other half how much we care about her and how much we love her, with romantic gestures, special dedications and sweet and amazing love messages. We decided to collect all the most beautiful anniversary quotes to help you choose the right one for your special moment!


1st Anniversary Wishes

  • Happy one year anniversary to your young, loving and beautiful family! We wish you happiness, harmony in your relationships, your love to go through all the trials of life and strengthen your marriage. May joy always sparkle in your eyes, a good fire always burns in the family hearth, and the family budget allows you to fulfill all your dreams. Happy first wedding anniversary!
  • Congratulations on your first wedding anniversary! I wish your whole family life to be filled with love, a sense of happiness, complete harmony and coziness. May you be your soulmate’s main support, friend and most important person.
  • Congratulations on your first anniversary! On your paper wedding anniversary, I want to wish you a huge reserve of strength, patience, the ability to listen and understand each other, because you have a whole life ahead of you, many new roads and major events. I wish you always love each other, sincerely believe in your dreams. And may your wonderful family be happy and healthy.


  • Our dears! Congratulations on your first anniversary of married life! We wish that in ten and twenty years your relations will remain as warm and tender as they are now. We wish you mutual understanding, respect and the ability to compromise. Let your family be strong and, of course, grow! Happy Holidays!
  • I congratulate you on your paper wedding, your first year of married life! May your marriage blossom every year with new colors and be filled with bright colors. May the love that binds you only grow stronger and the passion ignite between you even stronger than before. Surround each other with care and attention. Live in peace and don’t quarrel, don’t be offended by trifles – these are all trifles compared to your happiness. Good luck to your family and the happy stomping of tiny feet in your home.
  • Happy wedding anniversary to you, my dears, congratulations! Your first year of married life has flown by. May your whole life be as bright as colorful paper. I wish you good health, good luck in life, positivity and love. I wish your wonderful, friendly and cheerful family to grow and develop, to be resistant to the circumstances of life, as well as strong and enduring. I wish you, my dears, family happiness, prosperity and mutual understanding. And let your love never fade in the midst of the troubles of life, always protect and defend you.
  • Congratulations on your first wedding anniversary! I wish that you will continue to walk through life hand in hand, respect each other, love even more and just enjoy each other all the time. May your unit of society be filled with boundless happiness, mutual understanding and the most sincere love!
  • You have been married for a year, and this is just the beginning of a happy family life! I wish you many, many such wonderful, sweet and wonderful years! May your feelings grow stronger every year, and your relations – stronger and more harmonious! Love and take care of each other, all the best to you!

1st-anniversary wishes to a couple

  • Happy wedding anniversary! The year flew by like one day. As if yesterday you celebrated the most beautiful and grandiose wedding, and today you are a real, close-knit, friendly family. May sensitivity, trust, understanding, and care for each other remain with you forever. Let the stomping of little feet be heard in your home sooner! Stay as loving, keep those looks and tenderness for a long and bright life! And still shout “Bitter!” to you.
  • Congratulations on your first anniversary of married life. The symbol of this wedding is paper. May your life together be as easy as it is. I wish you love, prosperity and happiness for many years to come. Be a source of inspiration and strength for each other! As they say, the year is behind us, but may many beautiful and good things lie ahead!
  • Congratulations on your paper wedding anniversary! It’s a full year today as you are husband and wife, and I wish on your first anniversary of marriage love and health, prosperity in the home, and a long journey together. May household difficulties not interfere with cloudless happiness, and you will always be each other’s most reliable support!
  • Happy wedding anniversary, dear ones! Today is a great holiday, a year since you have been building your family nest together. I wish that no storms will destroy your happiness! Give each other love, care, let peace and prosperity reign in your home!
  • The first anniversary is a paper wedding. I congratulate you sincerely. I wish you to continue to build your happiness with confidence, to show love and care, to jointly pursue your dreams and desires, to live in happiness, fidelity, understanding, peace and joy. May your home always be cozy, may success and prosperity be in it.
  • Congratulations on the first successful stage of family life, on your first anniversary, on your paper wedding! I wish you, dear ones, a beautiful and safe continuation of your journey together, happy events and wonderful ideas, bright emotions and undying love.
  • Congratulations on the first year of married life! I wish that you always have something to talk about, that your life together will be a joy, and that all sorrows will be shared in your arms. May your family grow stronger and bigger!
  • One of the most important milestones of your family life has been passed. Congratulations on your anniversary! May the chintz that symbolizes your date be the strongest and strongest that will bind you even more in moments of hardship. I want to wish you mutual understanding, boundless love, joy from the pleasant moments lived with each other, bright emotions, positive feelings, development, growing together side by side. Change and become every day better than you were yesterday. I am proud of you and congratulate you sincerely!

1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Couple

  • Constant happiness and love, rainbow hopes and expectations, independence and prosperity. Congratulations on your anniversary – paper wedding. Take care of each other!
  • Today is the celebration of your young family. Let the next years be as bright and eventful as the first one. Let only love and awe to each other, respect and ability to support in any situation accompany your family life. Happiness and love to you.
  • Congratulations on your first anniversary of married life, your paper wedding! Your union is still so young, tender and touching. Take care of it, take care of each other, love each other. Happiness to you together and all the good things you need!
  • A paper wedding – a whole year spent together is the most wonderful period and the most difficult! We congratulate you on such a high achievement – the first true frontier of your life together! We wish you many such years, but all of them happy, pure and beautiful! Loyalty in love, patience in everyday life, happiness and joy in your soul, affection and tenderness in your heart! Support and help, wonderful understanding and endless beautiful love!
  • Congratulations to you guys on your first year of married life. You have managed to get through this stage and prove that the important step was not taken in vain. YOU are a wonderful couple, a happy family, true love and support for each other. I wish you prosperity and peace, bright hopes and great opportunities in life.
  • Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. You are at the beginning of your life journey together. I wish you a long and happy life together, hand in hand.
  • Congratulations on your first wedding anniversary! May this paper wedding symbolize the durability and warmth of your love. I wish you to surprise and delight each other. May the hearth of care and happiness in your family never fade away. I wish that understanding and affection always reign around you!
  • It is with great joy that I congratulate you on your paper wedding. Your family is one year old, and I wish that this number will grow together with your love for each other. May family life give you unforgettable moments of happiness, warmth and comfort. May your home always burn brightly, and your home be full of prosperity and abundance.

1st Anniversary Wishes Cards

  • Happy first year, your paper wedding. The fitting in went well, during the year of marriage you have become stronger and wiser. I wish you always love and forgive each other, accept and please, surprise and complete each other!
  • Today your family is celebrating its holiday! Please accept our congratulations and wish your couple many wonderful moments, happy events, warmth and tenderness of hearts, prosperity and comfort at home!
  • The first year, “it is the hardest.” Congratulations, it is behind you now! I wish you to multiply your love, to triple tenderness and passion for each other, to increase the amount of positive emotions and feelings! Let the family boat move toward happy shores!
  • I congratulate you, my friends, on the first anniversary of your married life. I wish you to always treasure the tender feelings that have bound you together. Take care and take care of each other, always be the most faithful support for your beloved half. May justice, equality, respect, and mutual understanding always rule in your home.
  • Congratulations on the first frontier on your family track! I wish you to be in this race not rivals, but partners who will always support each other. May your lives have many more victories, personal and family achievements, home comforts, and youthful fire in your eyes. May this first year be a solid foundation on which to build a beautiful, loving and big family!

1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Wife

  • Sweetheart, you and I have been married for a year now, and this year has been one big celebration for me. Thank you for your understanding and faith in me. I congratulate you, my dear, on our paper anniversary and sincerely wish you, my little sunshine, to shine brighter with each year of our life together. Honey, let our family do without quarrels and gloomy days, let the hearth of love, prosperity and happiness always burn in our house. I love you and wish your dreams always come true, because then I will be happy.

First Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Wife

  • My beloved, beautiful wife, we have been married for a year now. Congratulations on your paper anniversary and I want to wish you to remain always the same gentle, dreamy, funny, caring, amazing. Let after the first tests and aspirations together, difficulties and achievements, only happy days, cheerful holidays, big victories await us. Honey, let your every dream come true, and I, believe me, will put all my efforts to it. I love you.
  • Wife, happy paper wedding to us! May this year be a new turn of life for us, so beautiful and amazing, unusual, but so happy and joyful. May we be together for many more years, loving and giving tenderness.
  • Congratulations, my joy, today our marriage is one year old! On our paper wedding anniversary, I want to wish that our family life will be as easy as paper. My love, always be happy with me, inspire me for feats and take care of our family hearth, and I will do everything to make it always bright, warm, cozy and rich in this hearth. Happy wedding day, wife, and let’s live happily and cheerfully until we are a hundred years old.
  • Dear wife, congratulations on our paper wedding day. Our marriage is only one year old, but you and I have managed to overcome all the obstacles to marital happiness. I wish you, my dear, to always remain a young girl in a dress and happily spin with me in a dance of inspiration. Let our love grow stronger with the years, let the difficulties only harden us, let there be more carefree, romantic, fun and happy days in our life together.
  • Beloved, we have been spouses in law for a year now, and today I congratulate you on our paper wedding. I wish you always remain my beauty, I wish that everything was always good for us. Let there be happy dawns ahead of us, star-falls of bright desires, leaf-falls of bright hopes.
  • My beautiful, beloved, beautiful wife, I congratulate you on our first anniversary together as a married couple. This is our paper wedding anniversary and I wish you blue dream skies, green hopes and all the bright colors for our happiness. May our lives have fewer hardships and more opportunities to please each other.

First Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband

  • Happy first anniversary, beloved husband! Thank you for being in my life and making every day we live together special and filled with love. I love you infinitely!

1st Anniversary Wishes for Husband

  • My dear husband, our first year of married life flew by, it was filled with our first serious decisions and goals, our successes, and in some ways even frustrations. May all the bad and sad things remain in the past and no longer bother us. I congratulate you, my beloved, on our paper wedding and wish you to breathe in the air of happiness with your full chest and love me with all your heart.
  • My dear, most wonderful husband, I congratulate you on our first wedding anniversary! May our life be as easy as paper. May our feelings only grow stronger year after year. May our family grow happier day by day. I wish you always to be an exemplary and faithful husband to your caring and trembling wife. I love you and want to live a long life with you, full of joys, holidays and miracles.
  • Beloved, happy first anniversary! Exactly one year ago we sealed our feelings with vows and rings, and I have never once regretted becoming your lawful wedded wife! Congratulations on our paper wedding and I want to spend the rest of my life with you! May our grandchildren marvel at the beauty of our relationship, our wisdom, and our devotion to each other at our golden wedding!
  • Our family has a birthday today – our first anniversary, our paper wedding. I want to congratulate you, my beloved husband, and wish that our relationship will become more beautiful every year, that you will be happy and loved!
  • Dear husband, congratulations on our first anniversary, our paper wedding! I want to wish you easy solutions to life’s problems, great ideas and wonderful perspectives. During this year you have shown what a real man, a faithful husband and head of the family should be. I wish you always remain the same responsible, sincere, caring, confident, kind, reliable, loving and affectionate. Happy holiday to us! May our love never lose its strength for a second, may no weather or mood allow us to shake our family harmony.
  • My darling, we have been married for a year now, and today we are celebrating our paper wedding. I congratulate you and wish that all the next years of our life together will be as easy and successful as this first year. My darling, I wish you to know no weariness, disappointment, despair, always find support and understanding in me, never forget that our love can overcome everything, and we can achieve everything.
  • My beloved and most desirable husband in the world, congratulations on our first anniversary, our paper wedding! I wish you to always remain the most courageous and brave, my reliable support and faithful head of the family. May our family be safe from bad luck. I love you very much. May our life be easy and smooth as paper.
  • Happy one year since our wedding day, beloved husband! You are my best gift for this day, and I don’t need anything else. I’m sure you and I have our best yet. We are not perfect or perfect, but our love will overcome all obstacles. Happy anniversary, darling!
  • My beloved husband, here our marital happiness is exactly one year old. On our paper wedding day, I want to once again confess my love to you, and wish us peace and comfort, harmony and prosperity.
  • My dear man, wonderful and already a year, my beloved spouse, I congratulate us on our first anniversary of married life. On our paper wedding anniversary, I wish that our future path together will be as easy, that new horizons of success and joy will open before us, that our love will become stronger every day, and our family will be happier.
  • Dear husband, I congratulate you on our paper wedding, our first family anniversary! I wish you to remain strong and strong, confident and kind, sensitive and cheerful, cheerful and the best. May our love live forever, may our happiness last forever.
  • Beloved and most dear person! For a whole year I have the happy opportunity to be called your wife and enjoy every moment spent together with you. Congratulations on our paper wedding! I wish that in your life there will always be a place for bright victories, tenderness and kindness. May this road traveled together with me give you much warmth, love and enjoyment!
  • My dear, legitimate spouse! Congratulations on our first anniversary! Exactly one year ago we sealed our feelings by marriage. Since then, I have never regretted my decision. I love you, I appreciate you, I adore you. I wish you to be as romantic and gentle as before, to persevere in achieving your goals and to overcome any obstacles. And I, loving and caring for you, will always be there for you, supporting and inspiring you!
  • Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! My love, we’ve been together for a year! Like a tender chintz, we are wrapped in our love, airy wings and the happiness of our hearts that have found each other. I want us to always listen to each other, cherish, protect, care and appreciate, support, understand, help and keep our love in every possible way. Let’s be happy forever!
  • My beloved, desired and most glorious husband, our first year of marriage together has flown by, congratulations on our paper wedding! I wish you to continue to be a mighty atlant who keeps the house and provides the family with everything it needs, and I, in turn, will be a faithful guardian of our hearth and a constant creator of inner harmony and coziness. I love you and wish that you and I will live a long and incredibly happy life, as easy and smooth as paper.
  • My dear husband, I congratulate you on our first anniversary, our paper wedding. My gold, I wish us to always cherish our love and protect our happiness from evil tongues and all kinds of dangers of fate. May our feelings always remain as light and tender as paper, may our home keep the atmosphere of goodness, harmony and harmony.
  • My beloved, dear and glorious husband, congratulations on our first anniversary, our paper wedding. May our life be as easy and smooth as paper, may our house be filled with happiness and goodness. I wish you, sweetheart, good health and good luck, great success and the well-being of our family.
  • My dear and precious husband, the match of our first year is played, and on the account we have family goodness and bright love. I congratulate you, dear one, on our paper wedding, and wish you the same happiness for the rest of the years, keeping family values ever stronger and filling our home with good joy.
  • Precious spouse, on our first paper anniversary I wish us only joyful and easy life, pleasant troubles and magical moments alone! I promise to be an exemplary and tender wife, and I ask you to remain a loving and caring spouse! May our love story be incredibly beautiful and very long!
  • My beloved and dear husband, congratulations on the first year of our married life, our paper wedding. I wish you not to lose your enthusiasm and optimism, to be always a confident and strong man, to strive for great goals and family well-being, to remain always a faithful and wonderful husband.
  • Congratulations, my dear husband, on our first year of marriage. I wish that further marks of our anniversaries go as easily, safely and successfully. I love you very much and will always be your loyal support. You are the support and protector of the family, your good health, optimism and vitality.
  • My beloved and dear, my glorious and wonderful husband, we have successfully and happily lived our first year, I congratulate you on our paper wedding. I wish you to remain as brave and persistent, fair and judicious, resolute and kind, cheerful and sincere, in one word – a true protector and head of our family. May our love only grow stronger and our happiness and prosperity never fade.
  • My dear! Congratulations on our first family anniversary, our paper wedding! May love, accord and peace continue to reign in our lives, may prosperity never leave our home, but only increase, I wish that in our cozy home there is always the sound of children’s laughter!
  • Congratulations to my beloved husband on his paper wedding! You and I are already one year old! I wish you positive thoughts, awesome ideas, fun friendly gatherings, a carefree future, fun and ease in everything! May our lives until our old age be one of joy, caring and love!

1st Anniversary Wishes for Friend

  • Friends, from the bottom of my heart congratulate you on your first wedding anniversary! May your family grow stronger every year, love and happiness never leave, and respect and faith in each other always come first. Be happy and loved no matter what.

1st Anniversary Wishes for Husband

  • Our dear ones, congratulations on your first wedding anniversary! We wish you to meet many more dozens of anniversaries, to be happy and never regret the very day when you created the family. Love, harmony, prosperity!
  • Friends, Happy 1st year of your warm and rich family life, happy paper wedding! Let the years only increase, so that the family becomes stronger, grows and is an example of perfect relationships and pure love. I wish you to build a strong wall against all adversity and hardship.
  • Friends, you are already celebrating your paper wedding, a whole year together, in peace and harmony. Let the years to come bring only happiness and peace to your family, and comfort and warmth to your home. Stay as strong and loving family.
  • Happy first wedding anniversary, dear friends! I wish your family long life and prosperity! May the atmosphere of coziness and joy never leave your home! Let even everyday life and life’s troubles unite you only!
  • Happy first year of the family life. Let this year be the start of a true story that is about love and happiness. Write your story in a way that only tells the story of how you build your life, successful and emotional.

1 Year Relationship Anniversary Quotes

  • “For me, life is nothing but a long journey…and I decided I wanted to do it beside you. Happy engagement anniversary, honey! Looking forward to new landings of love…”

1 Year Relationship Anniversary Quotes

  • “I hope at least the gift is to your liking, because you know very well that letters and cards have never been my thing! Happy engagement anniversary, honey!”
  • “All this time spent together has made us much happier and stronger than before. Thank you for your love, may it last forever. Happy engagement anniversary!”
  • “To love you is a privilege and to be loved by you is a dream fulfilled. I think of you every day with the intensity of the first moment. Best wishes for another thousand always together.”
  • “With each passing year I receive confirmation that getting engaged to you was the best choice I could have made in my life. Happy anniversary from those who will love you forever.”