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Birthday Cards For Elder Sister (29)

An elder sister is an irreplaceable relative among all family members. She can be your mini-parent, best friend, and mentor since you were born. An elder sister teaches you how to dress and shares your party outfits. She takes care when you are sick or need support. She keeps you safe and explains how to stay out of trouble. She also takes you for walks, but only if you act like an adult. Does this sound familiar? You’re really lucky if you have an elder sister to whom you can tell things you can’t tell anyone else. It means you’re growing up much faster than your peers. If you have an elder sister, you definitely have a lot of fun childhood and adolescent memories.

A birthday is a wonderful occasion to remind your elder sister how important those bright moments spent together are to you. Let her know of your love, admiration, and appreciation for those special times. Your elder sister deserves special colorful congratulations. Write her a message and accompany your words with cards that will decorate and increase your gratitude. Let her go back to the time when you were together all the time, and she will perhaps remember more and tell you about your mischiefs together. Your elder sister, of course, will be grateful to you. It was not easy for her then because she was putting a lot of her soul into you. It’s time for you, her younger sister or brother, to take the initiative.

Here you can find the most beautiful birthday cards for your elder sister. Your greeting can be fun and funny, serious and minimalist, soulful and sensual. That’s why all the images presented are created in different styles and moods. They are selected to make your elder sister feel special on her birthday. Choose one or more pictures according to your preferences and send them via email, Watsapp, or other messengers. If you doubt your writing skills or are stuck after the phrase “Dear Sister…,” use our sample birthday greetings below.

Write from the bottom of your heart, and your congratulations will be beautiful!