60th Birthday Wishes and Messages

The age of golden autumn is 60! At the age of 60, older people enter a well-deserved retirement – retirement. At this age, a lot of free time falls on their heads, which is confusing at first. People who worked dutifully yesterday are now retirees. Therefore, most grandmothers try to devote all their time to their grandchildren, and grandfathers read the newspaper and play dominoes all day long. This is the time for rest and relaxation!

60th birthday wishes

Happy 60th Birthday

Happy birthday! We wish you the best health, may your life be filled with joy and pride in your children, grandchildren and friends! May only happy moments, good mood and respect accompany you!

60 is a serious and beautiful date. I wish you to cross it courageously and move forward with confidence. May you have only good memories and a backpack of past experiences behind you, and only happiness and an incredible, rich life ahead. May your health remain with you for many, many years to come. May the youth of your heart drive you to extreme deeds, and your soul draw you to new adventures. Happy Birthday!

Happy 60th birthday to you, I wish you not to lose your confidence, liveliness and optimism. May life give you 60 good reasons to smile every day. I wish you to remember this day with warm hugs and wishes. I wish you a long cloudless life and health, love and prosperity! May all good things come true.

Happy birthday to you on your sixtieth birthday! I wish you not to grow old with your soul. May there always be youth in your heart and health in your body. May you receive warmth and care from your family, children and grandchildren. May your family always be with you to celebrate holidays together, support you and give you positivity. Happy anniversary to you!

Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts on your wonderful anniversary, which so harmoniously combines wisdom of life, experience of the past years, personal successes and realized goals. We wish you confidence in your abilities, success, best health, respect and love of your relatives and friends for many more years.

Congratulations on your anniversary! I would like to wish you all the best and the most beautiful that you can think of. For your body – good health, for your soul – peace and balance, for your heart – love and happiness. Let everything go exclusively according to your script. Happy holidays!

Happy Anniversary

Anniversary is the time to receive warm congratulations from your relatives and friends. 60 years is not only experience and years, but also respect, merit and wisdom. I wish you to be always in harmony with yourself, in well-being and happiness with the person you love, in joy and care for your grandchildren, in peace in moments of rest. Health for your body, youth for your soul and brightness for your eyes. Happy birthday to you!

Congratulations on your anniversary! May life be quiet but interesting at 60. May there be enough strength and health for all planned affairs. May each new day come with liveliness and good mood. May your heart be gladdened more often by welcome guests and hugs from dear people!

Congratulations on your anniversary. At 60 begins a wonderful time of life filled with fond memories, warm encounters, friendly smiles, new interests and happy evenings. I heartily congratulate you on this important date and wish you to continue living in good health and optimism, being proud of the years you have lived and the achievements you have made, cherishing your loved ones and warming your heart with love.

For this sixtieth, I wish you the best and the most beautiful: a sea of happy and long years, the great love of your loved ones, excellent health and a decent pension to live in prosperity! May every day be beautiful, full of positive emotions, good luck and good events!

Funny wishes for 60th birthday

I congratulate you on the 60th year of your life and for the anniversary I wish you from the bottom of my heart that you have enough money for borjomi, caviar and meat, so that the soul “continues the feast” and the body always has an excellent shape. I wish you never run out of powder and never lose your fighting spirit.

Congratulations on your 60th birthday. Some may say that this date is not too optimistic, but I will disagree with them and say that this date is a wonderful age when you have everything to smile and be happy, when you have something to be proud of, and when you can breathe deeply in your heart. I wish to always be cheerful and never become a wimp. I wish sometimes to be more radiant than young people and to live with a smile and joy without counting wrinkles and gray hair.

Congratulations on your 60th birthday. What can you wish, leave aside affairs, let work be much less, and let all troubles be pleasant and fun. I wish to be like you used to be “on horseback”, I wish to live every day sweetly, happily and cheerfully. And let it be only 60 on the pass, let it be always young 18 for the heart!

Funny wishes for 60th birthday

Congratulations, you have six dozen credited to your account. And on this wonderful holiday, I heartily wish you unlimited tariff on happiness and good luck, on success and coal. Do not let 60 be a yardstick for life, let the power of spirit, beauty, flawlessness and brilliance still move you. All the best to you and stay healthy.

Congratulations, you are well on your way to the round anniversary of 60.I wish you 60 seconds of happiness in every minute, 60 minutes of joy in every hour. Let age be just a number in your passport, let the soul of a happy child and the heart of youth in love still live in your being.

I wish you to feel like a teenager in love at 60: to dream, to love, to be free in spirit, to float in the clouds, to have fun evenings and to feel the sweetness of happiness. I wish you health to be a strong oak tree, prosperity to be a strong baobab tree, and happiness to be a lush fir tree.

Six dozen have passed successfully, and today I congratulate you once again on your birthday. I wish to be a wise owl with the soul of a young macaw, I wish for happiness in life and joy in every day, I wish to be a wise turtle with a strong shell and a clear hawk with a bold character.

Congratulations on your 60th, I wish not to be considered “old”, that there is still powder in your powder. May this anniversary make you 60 times stronger, more optimistic, happier, richer. You have a bogatyr health and restless happiness.

Happy 60th birthday.  May youth still buzz in your soul, may time pass, may there be a holiday and great happiness in life, may there be eternal happiness and unearthly joy. I wish you health, stronger than a bull and happiness, more than a fool’s cap.

Short 60th birthday wishes

I wish you feel like you are 20, look like you are 30, be a professional like you are at 40, share your wisdom like you are at 50 and enjoy every day at 60!

Short 60th birthday wishes

I congratulate you on your 60th birthday and wish you from the bottom of my heart health, strength, energy and inspiration, confidence, vigour, optimism and patience. And may everything be as your heart desires!

I congratulate you on your 60th birthday and wish you a wonderful mood, excellent health, attention from dear people and great happiness!

I wish you to stay young in spirit, healthy in body, cheerful in mind, happy in heart, calm in soul, with bright thoughts in your mind and confidence that the best is ahead of you!

Congratulations on your 60th birthday, we wish you that the interest in life always burns in your soul, that you always have opportunities, health and good luck! Happiness, love and wealth!

Congratulations on your 60th birthday and with all my heart I wish you wonderful health, good mood, beautiful moments and a wonderful continuation of your happy life story.

On your 60th birthday I wish you a long life, health and prosperity. Enjoy the successes of your children and grandchildren and feel all the charm of this life. Happy anniversary!

I congratulate you on your 60th birthday and sincerely wish you optimism and power, strength and happiness, great success and inspiration, joy and happiness in your soul.

I heartily congratulate you on your 60th birthday and wish you good health and the love of your relatives, faithful happiness and joy in your soul, family happiness and prosperity in your home.

Happy 60th birthday! I wish you not to grow old, not to get sick and look at the world only through the rose-coloured glasses of youth. Happy anniversary!

I wish you to be young in spirit, calm in heart, strong and healthy in body. May your spirit be strong and steadfast, and your thoughts bright and positive!

I wish you to feel young and cheerful, enjoy every day and savour life to 160%! Happy anniversary!

congratulations on your 60th anniversary. Congratulations on such an event. I wish you a long life, good health, cosy family gatherings, interesting books, victories of your grandchildren and just positive feelings.

I congratulate you on your 60th birthday and wish you to look less often in your passport and feel more often like a young free bird. I wish you health, harmony in your home and in your soul.

I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart on your 60th birthday and wish that you keep your youth in your heart, that you keep love in your heart, that you keep good hope in you and that you meet each day in the best of spirits.

On this wonderful anniversary, I wish you happiness and a sea of hope, kindness and joy, good health and the unique opportunities of life.

Congratulations. May life at the age of 60 delight and pamper you. May every day bring a holiday, prosperity, joy and comfort!

60th Birthday

Congratulations on the significant date, we wish you to keep your health and taste in life!

Congratulations on the anniversary. We thank you for your experience and wise advice. May health and happiness never leave you. Wishing you goodness and prosperity for your home. May your children and grandchildren come often and make you happy.

Happy 60th birthday! May this special day last 24 wonderful hours filled with joy, laughter and good memories. And may you find it as easy to be young at 60 as you did in your 20s.

60th Birthday Wishes for Woman

Happy anniversary! With all my heart I would like to wish you health, happiness and much success. May your house be full of prosperity and comfort, may your life be filled only with bright colors, cheerful tones and beautiful colors. May your soul be filled with harmony and tranquility, and your eyes reflect a calm haven full of wisdom and faith – the belief that life at 60 is very beautiful and wonderful, and that there is no place for sadness and sorrow. May life be full of joy, smiles and laughter. Good luck, good luck to you and your family!

60th Birthday Wishes for Woman

I congratulate you with all my heart on your anniversary! I wish you joyful, happy, healthy and long years! May your soul sing, wisdom gather, eyes shine, beauty be irrevocably preserved and your loving family always be near!

Happy anniversary to you! Today I would like to wish you not banal happiness, health and long years, but that your relatives and loved ones are always near you. May the good mood and good spirit be with you for many more years, and the support and respect of your family remain forever. More peace, love, strength, patience and less stress, bad and bad feelings!

Happy birthday three times for your twentieth birthday! And may your inherent youth, beauty, health, sincerity and belief in beauty be threefold in you!

Congratulations on your beautiful, elegant anniversary! We wish you to transform all your accumulated experience into elegant ideas and witty decisions, to fill your life with interesting events, optimism, powerful and energetic deeds. May your health be good, may your family support you, may success accompany everything you set out to do. Happy sixtieth birthday!

Congratulations on your 60th birthday! This is the case when they say a woman is wise and smart. These are the years of a woman filled with meaning and experience. This is a spiritually rich woman. You are so rich in qualities that I just want to wish you good health, family peace, and a family and friends close to you. Strong spirit, and at the same time to stay as sweet and feminine. Peace and prosperity.

From the bottom of my heart, congratulations on your anniversary! May your loved ones always surround you with love, care and attention. May each day bring you joy and warm memories! I wish you to keep your femininity and charm for many years to come and see only respect in the eyes of others!

Happy anniversary! 60 years is experience, that is wisdom. We wish you to have more peace and enjoy your life. May grandchildren and children surround you with attention, may prosperity and success cross your path. May dreams and plans come true and illnesses and difficulties not overtake you.

Happy birthday to you. May your soul be calm, clear and peaceful, may the joy of every moment never leave you, may your health multiply, your vitality and energy increase and help you achieve your most ambitious goals. May you find time and energy for yourself and your desires. May peace and warmth in your soul last!

Congratulations on your anniversary! Today is your round anniversary. We wish you a good mood on this festive day. Many congratulations and gifts. May life be smiling to you. And that all your plans and wishes come true. And also good health for many more years. Optimism and liveliness. And many happy days and opportunities for a sincere smile.

60th Birthday Wishes for Man

Congratulations on your anniversary! I can only say one thing: at 60, life takes on a new meaning and new colors. I wish you to stay always young and cheerful, good health, a lot of vitality and strength, only positive thoughts and pleasant events. And also loving and kind people near you.

Years are wealth and age is a pedestal. Only the winners stand on it. We are all always 18, and 60 years is the sum of good deeds, intelligence, decency, conscience, reason, happy days, friends, adventures, relatives and creative achievements. Happy anniversary! Honor and respect! I wish you to enjoy every minute of your life with dignity, to have a good rest, to pass your wisdom and knowledge to the next generations, to believe in your power, to never stop dreaming, to surprise. Good luck and good health.

60th Birthday Wishes for Man

My sincere congratulations on your anniversary! May peace, harmony and good humor reign around you. Today you celebrate your 60th birthday, which is a respectable age for a respectable man. We wish you good health and inexhaustible vitality. Stay as cheerful, active and buoyant as you are now. Happy anniversary!

Congratulations on your anniversary! Age is just a number, what matters is how old you feel in your heart. I wish you many more years of feeling young and full of strength, capable of the craziest deeds and achievements! May health and happiness accompany you, because you have everything else – inexhaustible energy, alert mind and unshakable will!

Congratulations on your anniversary. It is a very significant, powerful and great date. On this day I wish you a fortress of the spirit, steel in the soul, let everything that has not yet come true, always have energy for achievements and accomplishments. May there be many experiences, but I wish you to learn something incredibly beautiful and new every day. I wish you peace of mind and awe in your soul!

I congratulate you on your anniversary and wish that your sixtieth birthday brings only positive feelings and gathers all the dear and close people around you! Always be a happy person and cherish every moment! May happiness accompany you always and in everything! I wish you good health, undying love, loyal friends and financial prosperity!

Our dear birthday girl, we congratulate you on your 60th birthday! We wish you an active, exciting and joyful life, because every age has its charms. May your health be strong, your financial situation stable, your mood creative and your life beautiful.

Congratulations on your sixtieth birthday! May optimism and zest for life never leave you, may your loved ones be healthy and happy, may your home be cheerful and bright. May life give you unexpected but always pleasant gifts. I wish you twice the energy you had at 30 and enough health for three 20-somethings! Happy holidays!

Dear jubilarian, for a man of 60 years is a wonderful age, where wisdom and experience, perseverance and serenity reign. We wish you to take all the best that was in life and multiply it. May all your days be sunny and clear! May all the past joys stay with you and new hobbies and interests arise!

Happy anniversary! Sixty years is the age of wisdom and experience! Congratulations, and have a good time! Be young and cheerful, full of vigor and vigor, we wish you good mood, energy, bright positive feelings! Good health, kindness and as little as possible reason for negativity!

60th Birthday Wishes for Mom

My dearest person on earth, congratulations on your 60th birthday. May this anniversary warm your heart and soul! I wish you good health, many happy years of life and endless optimism. Always stay as gentle and flourishing as you are now! Happy birthday, mommy!

best 60th Birthday Wishes for Mom

Dear Mommy! You turn 60 today – a big date that deserves great respect. All these years you were by my side and helped me in difficult moments in such a way that I always felt elated and happy and not like a little helpless child. For that I am infinitely grateful to you. Your love warmed me in the most difficult moments of my life because I always knew I was loved by a loved one, even when the whole familiar world around me was turned upside down. Mommy, I know you do not want to grow old, you are still happy, cheerful and beautiful. Mommy, age has not harmed your beautiful eyes. You are not, but she is afraid of you. I love you very much and wish you good health and many, many more years to live!

Dear Mom, happy 60th birthday. Birthday. I wish you that your golden hands do not know tiredness and heaviness, that your heart beats freely and happily, that your head does not ache with worries and sorrow, that every moment of your life is magical and special in its own way. Be well, mommy, and always merciful.

Mommy. 60 is not an age for a woman at all. At 60, a woman gets her special juice and acquires her unique charm. At 60, a second youth begins that will stay with you all your life. This youth nests in the soul of a person and does not let him sit still, calls him to adventures and makes him enjoy life. I wish you that there is an engine in your soul that does not let you get bored, that allows you to fulfill your long-standing dreams and makes you believe in your strength, beauty and charm. Happy anniversary, my beloved!

My dear little man, dear mother, I congratulate you on your 60th birthday. Let your life count the years without haste and fill them with great happiness, the love of your loved ones, the understanding and respect of others, the generosity and kindness of your soul, the joy and inspiration of your heart. Mom, I wish you to take care of yourself and be healthy, love this world and give people your smile.

Dear Mom, congratulations on your 60th birthday. I wish you that your golden hands never get tired, that your kind heart continues to beat to the rhythm of happiness, that your soul does not suffer and definitely does not grow old. Mom, greet the new day with joy and vigor and spend it surrounded by the love and care of your wonderful family.

Dear Mom, you turn 60 today and you are still beautiful, gorgeous and lovely. I wish you never lose your liveliness, never lose your hands,never let your soul cry. Mommy, be healthy and happy with your life.

Beloved Mommy, congratulations on the memorable date – your sixtieth birthday! Always stay so wise and loving. You are the most beautiful person in my life, I value you insanely and appreciate absolutely everything about you. I wish you all the love, goodness and soulfulness. Happy anniversary, mom!

Dear Mom, happy 60th birthday to you. Birthday. I wish you that not a single brick of your fortress is broken, that your health remains strong and you are doing well – excellent. Mom, I wish you to face each day with joy and inspiration, to accept each good news with gratitude and hope, to fill each encounter with a smile and love.

Happy birthday, Mom, on your 60th birthday. My dear, I wish you with all my heart that you continue your life’s journey dutifully without tiredness and regrets, that you make every new day a good vacation and an important event, that you show yourself as an empathetic and sincere person, that you remain a wonderful and great woman. Be healthy, mommy, loved by all of us and always cheerful.

60th Birthday Wishes for Fathe

The dearest and best daddy in the world turns 60 today. Daddy, I congratulate you and wish you to continue living your life in your style: being just and honest, proud and hardworking, reasonable and persevering, a kind and responsible man. Daddy, I wish you good health and happy days!

60th Birthday Wishes for Fathe

Daddy, happy anniversary! Thank you for all the lost nerves, all the sleepless nights and everything you sacrificed for the family! I wish you good health, because when you have health, you have everything else. May your life be full of beautiful moments, and we will gather again in time in the same company to congratulate you on your 120th birthday. I love you! Thank you for everything!

Dear Dad, happy anniversary! May your body still be full of strength and vitality at the age of 60, and your soul full of optimism and happiness. I wish you never to lose your distance, always to set new goals and to achieve them without fail, always to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Daddy, happy birthday! Happy 60th birthday! May your life be bright and colorful. I wish you to succeed in everything so that you don’t get upset over nothing. I wish you good health, a boost of strength and positive energy.

Happy sixtieth birthday, dear daddy! I wish you good health, long and happy years of life and fulfillment of your wishes. May there always be an atmosphere of mutual understanding, patience and friendship between you and your relatives. May every day bring sincere joy and warmth of kindness.

Dear Dad! Congratulations on your anniversary! You are sixty years old. I wish you that your life is like a vacation. Always with good mood, happy days, good news, happy moments and surrounded by good people.

Dad, I congratulate you on your 60th birthday and wish that you are always full of energy, always wake up in a good mood, dedicate yourself every day to what is important to you and to those you care about. Dad, let there be no bumps on the road of life, let there be no obstacles to the happiness of your heart.

My dearest, happy birthday! Dad, may your health, happiness and prosperity increase with each passing year. May your hands feel strong, and your sharp mind and wit help solve more than one difficult case. I wish you joy, happiness and long life.

Happy anniversary, Daddy, with your wonderful date! May the number 60 bring you much health, optimism, vitality and fulfillment of wishes. Stay with us for many more years, dear Daddy!

Dear dad, happy birthday, I wish you a head start in all your affairs, may your life companion guide you on the path without detours, and may all doors be open to you!

60th Birthday Wishes For Husband

My dear spouse, congratulations on your 60th birthday! I would like to wish you the best of health – that you do not get sick either physically or mentally. May your arsenal be full of strength and vitality, brilliant ideas and great goals. Stay young at heart, cheerful and cheerful, a good and imaginative husband, father and grandfather.

60th Birthday Wishes For Husband

My dear husband! I am sure that in spite of your 60 years you are as strong, agile, vigorous and active man as in your youth. But now there is another good thing about you. Over the years you have also become incredibly smart, wise and sensible. Now you are the true superman for me, whom I will never give away to anyone. I wish you many more years to keep your strength. May illnesses and worries never plague you. May your heart always rush forward, your hands perform miracles and your soul sing with happiness. Happy anniversary, my dear!

I would like to congratulate you, my dear husband, on your anniversary. Today you turn 60 years old. Over the years you have become even closer and dearer to me. Let my love be your guardian angel. Be healthy and happy!

My dear and beloved husband, I congratulate you on the round date – your 60th birthday. I wish you peace, comfort, health, attention, care, good mood, new impressions and undertakings, wonderful surroundings in the new stage of your life. May life become better and finer with the years, like a good cognac. All the best to you, my dear!

60th happy birthday, my dear hubby. I wish you to remain as strong, vigorous, vital and cheerful as you have been all these years. I still love you dearly and wish you health, peace of mind and pride in your heart. May you have a long time ahead of you in which you can still do many things. I wish you to feel good and spend every day actively!

Dear man, congratulations on your 60th birthday. Birthday. I wish you not to become weaker in your spirit with this date, but even stronger and more confident. May you continue to be so good at fixing faucets and hammering nails, and may you enjoy more and more the good times you spend with your loved ones, our children and grandchildren.

My dear spouse, I congratulate you on your 60th birthday and wish you longevity, strength, wisdom, understanding for your loved ones and respect for your comrades. May this anniversary ring a loud song of joy in your life, and may you have many more fruitful days ahead. I wish you, husband, a healthy mind in a healthy body and optimism in the soul!

My beloved husband, congratulations on your marriage anniversary! Always stay young, even at 60 years, without feeling the time, without noticing any adversities! May there always be a loving family! Happy holidays!

My beloved husband, happy anniversary! Always stay such a cheerful optimist and the happiest person in my life! I wish you endless love and undying happiness, good health and endless radiance! May we always have harmony in our family and in our house, thanks to your golden hands! Happy sixtieth birthday, beloved!

You are sixty, dear husband, for which I congratulate you heartily! I wish you to always stay optimistic, be healthy and full of strength, and just confidently go towards your goals and dreams! Know that I love you incredibly and will always be there for you!