50th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

The Golden Wedding Anniversary is the fiftieth anniversary of marriage. The symbol of this anniversary is one of the most valuable and expensive metals – gold. Gold represents something that has been achieved through hard work. Fifty years of marriage is a great value created by years of hard work. People who have lived together for half a century have shown mutual love, respect, trust and loyalty. They already have grown children and grandchildren. They have been through a lot together and achieved a lot. As a sign of these warm feelings, the couple exchange gold jewelry on their golden wedding anniversary.

It is traditional to exchange new wedding rings on the golden wedding day and give the old rings to the grandchildren as a family heirloom.

The fiftieth anniversary should be celebrated in the circle of relatives, who, in turn, give the couple gold items, jewelry or just things with gold. Gold gifts should definitely be presented by the children to reaffirm their love for their parents.

This wedding anniversary should be celebrated generously, at a large festive table.

Happy 50th Anniversary Wishes

With all my heart I congratulate you on a wonderful event in your life – the golden wedding, the 50th anniversary of your family! May your home remain cozy and warm, may your love be mutual and sincere to the end, may prosperity and well-being reign in your home. May you always remain true gold for each other!

50th Wedding Anniversary

We heartily congratulate you on the most significant anniversary of your family life – Golden Wedding Anniversary. May fate grant you many more joyful days and happy events. May your health be strong!

Exactly 50 years ago you held hands and entered a new life together. And although there were many different trials in this life, you always passed them with dignity and never stopped supporting, helping and, above all, loving each other. Your faithfulness was tested by time, your love was hardened by the difficulties of life. And the fact that in your eyes still burns the fire of passion, tenderness and adoration for each other is the most priceless reward for all the years lived. We wish you a huge happiness and the same health. We wish you endless happy years of life. May your dear, charming and beautiful couple always be an example and role model for your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Congratulations on your marriage anniversary!

You have been together for fifty years, and that is wonderful! I wish you to keep your love and tender feelings for each other forever! May peace, understanding, trust and harmony prevail in your life together! I wish you that the gold of your happiness will always sparkle! I wish you good health and long life!

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary

Today your union is 50 years old! You have managed to live together for half a century, preserving your feelings and idyll. You have built not only a family, but a whole world based on trust, patience, understanding and mutual support. Do not lose that. Never stop surprising each other and enjoying your feelings. You are wonderful, and a golden wedding is the proof of it. After all, not every couple is able to keep the most intimate for so many years. I wish you harmony, peace, happiness and undying love with all my heart. Half a century is certainly an achievement, but I think you will manage to live the whole century with one soul for two.

For half a century you have lived together, two lives with the same destiny, in love and fidelity. You have not broken your vows, you have not broken under the burden of worries and problems, but you have only grown closer! You are a worthy example, we are all proud of you and wish that the warmth of your love will keep our big family as warm as before! May your hearts beat in unison, your health be strong and your attentive and caring children and grandchildren always be near you! And we promise to cherish you even more, because now you are our “gold piece”!

From the bottom of my heart, I congratulate you on your 50th wedding anniversary. And for your golden wedding anniversary, I wish you with all my heart to be “golden” for each other, and joy and enthusiasm in your souls. Let everything bad disappear from your memory, and let everything good happen to you day by day. I wish your family good health, happiness, prosperity and peace. And may your golden hands do good deeds by listening to your golden hearts!

Golden wedding is one of the most beautiful dates in the life of a married couple. Only the people who love each other the most can live 50 years in love and harmony. We congratulate you on this wonderful event! We thank you for your wonderful example, for the inspiration and light you give! We wish you health and strength so that you can continue to delight us with your magical story of love!

50th Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friend

Dear spouses. On this day you look again like the newlyweds we can see in your old photos. You have lived a long family life, raised beautiful children, cared for your grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and set an example of love and mutual respect. We congratulate you on your golden wedding anniversary and wish you many more years together, spending every minute with joy and pleasure.

Dear bride and groom, today we congratulate you on your anniversary, the Golden Wedding Anniversary! Only a few people are granted the happiness of celebrating this anniversary together. You are a true exception, you are a worthy continuation of each other. You have been walking hand in hand all these years, shaping your destiny together, creating a family and building a cozy home. Fifty years later you are as happy and beautiful as on your first day. May your family idyll never end until the end of your days, and your love burn brighter and more fiery. Bitter.

50th Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friend

Congratulations on this beautiful date, the 50th anniversary of your marriage. On the golden wedding anniversary for the golden newlyweds, I sincerely wish you many years of happy and successful life. I wish you not to grow old with your soul. I wish you not to lose your liveliness and optimism. I wish your golden family peace and goodness, as well as prosperity, love and joy!

I congratulate you with all my heart on the 50th anniversary of family life – the “gold medal” of joint achievements and successes. I wish you a life of prosperity and happiness, undying love and health. May your home always remain cozy and warm, and your family friendly and strong.

All the best for your golden wedding anniversary! Your couple is an example of how to love and care for each other. For after so many years of life together, your eyes are still as full of love and happiness as they were on your wedding day. I wish you good health, happiness and understanding. May every new day be full of good and pleasant feelings for you.

For half a century you have walked hand in hand through the ocean of infinite love, overcoming reefs and icebergs. After fifty years, you embrace each other with the same love and reverence, and that is admirable and respectful. It is not easy to keep the feelings that burn in you like an eternal fire and warm your children and grandchildren with their warmth for such a long period of time. You have noticed the changes in each other’s appearance, the first wrinkles and gray hairs, but that has not stopped you from loving each other faithfully and tenderly. You have grieved and rejoiced together, gained the necessary experience and celebrated victories. So let fifty years pass seamlessly into a century. May your family life be full of harmony and happy sunny days.

A card with flowers and a heart

Fifty years you have lived together, and we are happy to congratulate you on your golden wedding anniversary. May you live in love and harmony as long as possible and be surrounded by the care of your children and grandchildren.

Congratulations on the great and round anniversary of your family, your golden wedding anniversary! You managed to live all these 50 years happily and cheerfully, you managed to show everyone around you what faithfulness and care mean, you gave each other your fairy tales and tenderness. I wish you not to stop dreaming and loving each other, I wish you to remain true gold for each other, I wish you full family harmony and eternal comfort in your home and in your hearts.

A golden wedding is half a century of a happy life together of two people who found happiness in each other! We congratulate you on this occasion! We wish you that your spiritual bond may be an example. Happiness in every moment spent together, joy, health and pride in your children and grandchildren. Love and take care of yourselves!

Living together for 50 years is hard work for a relationship. Every relationship is work that depends on two loving hearts. I wish you to walk the same path of understanding, happiness, support and warmth. May this memorable date not be the last in your destiny. Such a “golden” relationship is something to be proud of! Congratulations!

beautiful cake for 50th wedding anniversary

Congratulations on 50 years of life together, on your golden wedding anniversary. May your soul be full of gold of hope, may your cup be full of gold of prosperity. I wish you health as good as your strong bonds, for you have proven them to all. May your children, grandchildren, neighbors, friends, relatives and even passers-by be sincerely happy for you today and celebrate with you this momentous occasion – the celebration of your faithful love.

Fifty years under one roof – that deserves infinite respect! A rare and beautiful date, it is clear to all: your feelings are more precious than gold! Live long in love and harmony, take care of each other, happiness to you!

Wishes on 50th wedding anniversary to Parents

Dear parents, you have a wonderful anniversary, a great celebration – 50 years of life together! On this golden date I would like to wish you incredible warmth and awe! You are a wonderful couple who created a wonderful family! I wish you much love, health, joy, smiles, prosperity and a full, beautiful life! Be happy for another 100 years!

Wishes on 50th wedding anniversary to Parents

My dear Mom and Dad, I congratulate you on the beautiful date – your golden wedding anniversary. I thank you for your golden hands and hearts. God grant you good health and happiness! May there be many more happy sunrises and golden sunsets ahead of you. May there be no sadness knocking at the door, and may the rays of goodness shine through the windows.

My dear beloved mom and dad, congratulations on your golden wedding anniversary. May your family happiness be as precious and valuable as gold for you. I wish you many more years of safe and wonderful living in peace, harmony, love and joy. Parents, may your golden hands never tyre of doing good, may your golden hearts beat in unison.

My beloved, my dear mother and father, I congratulate you on your 50th year together, on your golden wedding anniversary. Golden parents, I wish you to continue living joyfully and amicably, safely and happily. May your home be comfortable and prosperous, with mutual understanding and strong love.

swans and heart

My beloved dad and mom, you have been living together for 50 happy years, congratulations on your golden wedding anniversary. My dear, golden, I wish you strong and long years of prosperity and happiness, sincere and good feelings, peace of mind, joy of heart, respect, understanding and good prosperity.

My dear, dear people, mom and dad, you have been living in a happy marriage for 50 years. And now it is here – your golden wedding anniversary. May the gold of your love always shine and radiate, may your hearts never tyre of beating to the rhythm of harmony and mutual understanding. Health to you, my golden ones, comfort to the family and a cup of wealth filled to the brim!

Dear Mom and Dad, I congratulate you with all my heart on 50 years of life together, on your golden wedding anniversary. Dear ones, I wish you many more years of happiness and joy, success and prosperity, peace and hope, a cosy home and inextinguishable love.

Wishes for grandparents on their 50th wedding anniversary

Dear and beloved grandparents! Congratulations on your 50th wedding anniversary! I wish you a truly deep, silent happiness for two! To experience the golden wedding is a great work and a common wish for a beautiful life. And you have managed to create a really strong family! I wish you health, joy, warmth of heart and many beautiful moments!

Wishes for grandparents on their 50th wedding anniversary

My wonderful grandparents, I congratulate you with all my heart on your golden wedding anniversary. For half a century you have walked the path of life together, in a friendly and happy way, creating a strong bond and a wonderful family. My dear ones, I wish you to continue living happily and prosperously, in good health, with understanding and good humour.

Grandmother and Grandfather, I congratulate you on your golden wedding anniversary! I wish you good health and brave strength to live many more years without worries and gloom, so that the gold of your happiness does not fade and you can still spend many happy days in the company of your dear children and grandchildren. Grandma and Grandpa, you are my golden people, stay that way, and may your lives always be prosperous, well-functioning and good.

Dear grandparents, I congratulate you on your golden wedding anniversary and wish that you continue to be in love like Romeo and Juliet, that you keep the golden key to happiness and do not let the hearth of family happiness fade away. Stay healthy and live happily ever after.

Grandfather and grandmother, happy golden wedding anniversary! For 50 years you have been an example of the strongest and most loving family, whose feelings are incredible, sincere and heartfelt. I wish you many more years of happiness!

beautiful hearts and roses

Today is a great holiday, the wedding of my grandfather and grandmother, only not a simple wedding, but a golden wedding, I congratulate you, my loved ones with a successful coexistence for 50 years. I wish you to keep your bright love and faithful happiness until the end, respect and support each other. Be healthy, respected, loved by your loved ones and satisfied with life.

My dear grandparents, I warmly congratulate you on your golden wedding anniversary. You have already lived half a century in happiness and love, and I wish you to live much happier and more beautiful. May life never darken, may there be prosperity and well-being in the house, may your love be strong and bring faithful happiness.

Funny messages for the 50th wedding anniversary

For half a century, hand in hand, side by side, foot in foot. But she is still the most beautiful to him, despite the wrinkles and silver in her hair, and he is the strongest to her, despite the growing belly and shiny bald head. Congratulations on this milestone. Live long and kindly, do not nag each other, and may you have everything in common. A roof, children, a blanket, a tonometer, a TV remote control. After all, for so many years you have been not only a family, but a great unit. I wish you health and happiness for many, many more years.

Congratulations, my dear ones, on your 50 years of married life. You have managed to walk this difficult path together and have earned this gold medal. And since your marriage is made of gold, I wish you to be as strong, strong and united as a gold bar of the highest caliber. I wish you good health, all the best, pleasant family sorrows with your grandchildren and youthful zeal in the hearts not of grandparents, but of the groom, the fruit, and the bride, the sweetness!

Congratulations on the golden wedding anniversary for your family! We wish you a wonderful long life in the color of gold, so that your happiness will last forever! May your health be stronger than gold bars and your love be endless!

Funny messages for the 50th wedding anniversary

We congratulate the young couple on their fifty years of life together. A golden wedding is your golden age, and I wish you much happiness, joy, fun and good luck in this century. May the gold of your love be of the highest caliber, and may the rest of your life together also be covered with the gold of prosperity, joy and happiness.

I congratulate you, golden youth, on your golden date. Once again, you, Madam, are the bride and the Lord is the groom. I wish you another 50 years of living so cheerfully, beautifully, interestingly, prosperously and above all happily, so that two half centuries may unite to form your golden great age – the age of faithful love, a wonderful family and a beautiful couple.

Congratulations, guys, on your 50th anniversary together. I wish the groom to become a young man again, and the bride to become a young woman, and I wish you to wear this well-deserved gold medal with pride, one for two. May your love grow stronger as you grow older, may your grandchildren always rush to you, may your garden sprout, may the hen Riaba delight you with a golden egg, and may life give you a golden time of hope and happiness.

Dear spouses! May today turn back time, and may you feel the tingling of the heart again, as you did 50 years ago, may you feel your knees tremble with excitement as you look forward to your date. May the next 50 years of your marriage pass like one happy moment, lived in love and harmony.

Let Koschey wither over his gold, and I wish that in your 50 years together you do not wither over the gold of your love, but thrive and be healthy, still showing youthful tenderness for each other and faithful care. Love young, live wisely and rejoice sincerely every day.

Wishes to the husband on his 50th wedding anniversary

My dear husband, the best spouse, congratulations on our golden wedding anniversary. You and I have overcome together 50 years of life, in which there was much good, cheerful, happy, joyful and cheerful. I thank you for these years and wish you to remain a healthy and strong man who continues to pursue his goals and stand up for his ideas and principles. May our home never lose its coziness, may our hearts never stop loving and hoping.

Wishes to the husband on his 50th wedding anniversary

My dear husband, I congratulate you on our golden wedding anniversary. May our time be golden, may our life shine in the golden color of happiness. And to you, my dear husband, still loved and cherished, I wish good health, and if you have health and my support, you will be able to do everything.

I congratulate you, my dear husband, on our 50th anniversary together, our golden wedding anniversary. I thank you for the happy years of life and warm memories. May God send us good health, prosperity and joy, may our family be strong and solid, may it prosper and be respectful.

Dear husband, congratulations on our golden wedding anniversary. We have bravely and happily managed to walk the family path together for 50 years. May everything in our life continue to succeed, may our home be cozy and bright, may our happiness be eternal and indestructible. I wish you, my dear, health, optimism and strength of soul.

My beloved husband, my faithful companion and my support, I congratulate you on your Golden Wedding Anniversary. We have lived happily together for half a century, and I hope we will live much longer. May your health be strong, may your soul be bright and cheerful, may your heart love and warm your relatives, and may unfulfilled wishes become goals.

50 years have passed since our wedding day! And I love you more and more! Dear, I congratulate you on your golden wedding anniversary and wish that you will always be surprised by life’s surprises. That your health is strong and your big and kind heart beats for decades to come! You are my universe!